Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Device Management

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Device Management

What Is Mobile Device Management

In the current work environment, employees have to use various devices to align with their daily tasks. The number of devices per employee is skyrocketing. Be it a laptop, PC, tablet, or even a phone. All these devices synced together contain confidential organizational data. The question is, how do IT admins keep an eye on sensitive business data on these devices? That is where mobile device management comes in. 

What is Mobile Device Management MDM?

Mobile device management (MDM) software is a specialized tool that monitors, secures, and manages electronic devices integrated into the business network. These days, employees and business management have increased the usage of mobile devices. 

The business functions are either commonly transforming into hybrid or remote operating systems. That increases the demand for online meetings and creates problems for the IT departments to connect and secure the resources. 

Why is Mobile Device Management Significant?

As employees are using business data frequently, these mobile devices contain significant data which has the chance of getting hacked or even stolen. That’s why efficient mobile device management is critical to secure devices in the corporate world. It means that employees and management do not have to worry about the business data and can work efficiently by implementing mobile device management solutions. 

Mobile device management systems can help to analyse and monitor critical and complex business data and offer security to the systems. By using AI and machine learning technologies, this software keeps your data safe and secure. 

For example, an organization recruits an employee and assigns an office laptop to perform everyday tasks. With MDM software integration, confidential business data can be tracked, controlled, and monitored. And in case the laptop goes missing, the IT department can even wipe out the entire data remotely or change the passcode to offer maximum security.

Mobile Device Management MDM Features

The function of MDM software is to integrate the mobile device servers into the software. The features include the following:

  • Device tracking
  • Monitoring Inventory
  • Remote wipe-out 
  • Password setting
  • Data encryption
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting of applications

Mobile Device Management Solutions

There are many MDM software and solutions available for you. Here are the best solutions you can get to secure your business data. 

MDM: By utilizing visibility, security, and manageability, MDM software rapidly deploys security systems to android and iOS systems. 

Unified endpoint management (UEM): By incorporating AI and analytics with existing IT systems, UEM optimizes the support of complex and technical endpoints to offer you efficient and secure management for devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Mobile security solutions: If your business has a single operating system or a variety of different devices, you can secure and protect the business data with mobile security solutions with AI-generated security systems that enable informed decision-making.

Mobile Device Management Software

To get you through most of your organizational tasks, we’ve combined a list of the best mobile device management software that covers all your business needs.



Microsoft Intune

Microsoft is a popular choice among users due to its in-depth knowledge and windows systems. It supports all Android and iOS devices. If you’re a Windows person, you can use Microsoft management software. The best part is that small businesses can effectively take the most out of its integration with the cloud-based Azure Active Directory. Microsoft Intune provides you with a comprehensive set of policies that covers a diverse range of security details. It has managerial control systems to secure your business data. It also offers you a robust management package if you’re able to spend a little more on an efficient management system. However, it doesn’t offer customization and device location capability. Apart from the limitations, it’s the best choice for your enterprise plan.

SOTI MobiControl

IT admins can control the devices of users and perform automated administrative tasks on mobile devices. If you have a business that has legal and stakeholder information, this software is best for you if you own a medium-large business.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

It offers you a full free tier for up to 25 devices and provides well-balanced services for small and large businesses. This software has an updated and modern user interface that offers hassle-free services and easily implements services on devices.

VMware AirWatch

It offers an endpoint management solution for you that gives IT admins integrated control over the firm’s devices by offering you a 360-degree view of all potential activities in the organization. It has an eye-catching user interface and offers you a diverse range of services for your business activities. However, registration is time-taking and offers limited services for users of Windows 10.

IBM MaaS360

This software is AI-powered and offers outstanding security and reporting solutions for your business. Moreover, if you own a large-scale business and have plenty of devices to look onto, it’s the best solution for you. This software has personalized reporting services available, powered by AI querying. It’s user-friendly software that can easily organize everyday tasks. However, it does not have a remote controlling option and has limited customization. Overall, it’s an efficient choice if you need less supervision, as AI takes control of your tasks.

Data security is one of the most significant tasks in a business environment. You’d need the best security software solution if you’re operating an enterprise. An efficient MDM software helps to enhance productivity, enhance efficiency, offer maximum security and control, and provides a hassle-free mobile management system for your firm. Believe it or not, we’re offering you a life-saving deal!

If you need any further assistance in setting up a mobile device management system, you can book a strategy call with us and get assistance from our certified specialists.

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