Everything you need to know about Tequilas!

Everything you need to know about Tequilas!
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24 January

Tequila is what you might love forever!

What is a Tequila? 

Tequila is basically distilled spirit that is made from either of the following Agave: 

Agave is the product that defines the authenticity of the tequila drink. Here is a list of Agave that is used to make the tequila: Agave Tequilana Weber Blue, Blue Agave, or Agave Azul. There are almost 166 different species of agave, out of which 125 can be found in Mexico, and it is mainly produced in the 4 regions of Mexico- Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, and Nayarit. These places are called the DOT (Domination of Origin Tequila).

History of Tequila 

 The history of Mexican agave dates back more than a thousand years, to 250 to 300 AD when the Aztecs created pulque. It is a cloudy drink that is slightly sour to taste and is made by extracting the sweet sap from the heart of the plant and is fermented well to have a unique and defined taste. This drink was enjoyed as a hallowed beverage and was consumed at religious ceremonies! 

Then came the period of Spanish Conquistadors who took this drink to make it a “fun” drink to enjoy! The Spanish Conquistadors who settled in Mexico in 1521 when ran out of brandy, then they decided to use this drink and turn this pulque into a spirit! 

Currently, there are almost 22,000 registered agave farmers in the DOC Tequila region.    

How is Tequila made? 

Tequila is made from riped blue agave plants. This plant takes a minimum of 6 years to get matured and to be used to create a fabulous drink. Here is how the drink is made: 

As soon as the blue agave plant matures, it produces a single flower. This flower is the main component that is used to make the drink, it is known as the heart of the plant- pina. When this flower is grown and ready to be used, the harvesters, known as “jimadors,” cut off the shoot using a sharp curved tool called Coa. The starch is stored in the heart of the plant! Then these flowers are slowly roasted in the traditional ovens called “autoclaves” for about 7 hours. In this process, the starch is converted into fermentable sugar! After the process of roasting is done, the heart is pressed, shredded, and then released the sugary juice,  which is also known as “honey water.” then this honey water is added to the fermentation tanks where yeast is added through traditional spontaneous fermentation by using naturally occurring airborne yeast that is still used by a small number of distillers. 

The liquid is then left to ferment in open or closed vats made of wood or stainless steel tanks for about 24 to 96 hours. After all this process, our drink is made- it contains 6% of alcohol content, which has been distilled a minimum of 2 times with a combination of pot and column skills that are made of copper or stainless steel. 

Different types of Tequilas: 

  • Blanco: Blanco can be bottled directly after the whole process of fermentation is done. This drink usually brings a bold taste and works well with cocktails
  • Reposado: Reposado Tequila cocktails are one of the trendiest cocktails these days. This drink must be aged in oak barrels of unspecified size or vats called “pipones” for a minimum of 2 months and can lead to up to 12 months. It tastes best when it is mixed with other drinks. 
  •  Anejo: Anejo must be aged in oak casks. This drink often has a toasty, vanilla and citrus flavor. 
  • Extra Anejo: this famous drink is known for its fine-blended taste. It has to be kept in the oaks barrel with a maximum of 600 liters. It generally has a more of a smoky flavor and can be compared with Fine French Cognacs with almost similar price tags! 

In Mexico, the most traditional way to serve Tequila is that it is neat at room temperature without fruit slices or salt. To purchase the best Reposado Tequila cocktails, you should check out the website of Catrina Tequila. Visit their website to place your order! 




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