Extension Architecture

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21 October 2022

If you are looking to add value to your home or if youve outgrown the space you live a home extension is a perfect solution to your needs. You will undoubtedly have seen the countless number of rear extensions popping on houses all over your local neighbourhood.

Extensions have become so popular that they have even started their own terminology in the industry Extension Architecture. As a residential architectural designer, we are perfectly placed to help you get on your way.

The information below will help to answer a few simple questions such as: What is extension architecture? Can I have an extension at my home? Who can help me with my extension?

What is Extension Architecture?

The term extension architecture is relatively young in its use within the architectural industry, but it is certainly gaining more traction every year. In its rawest breakdown, it is simply the process of designing and constructing extensions.

Due to the constraints of properties boundaries, the the the the ever-growing need for more space and the spiralling cost of buying, moving, and building a new home we are seeing more extensions being built than ever before.

With that comes the need for more professionals that handle this type of work and as such you will now see extension specialists that those that specialise in extension architecture.

It may seem like a simple idea, after all, what can be so hard about designing an extension? Well as with all aspects of architecture understanding the project brief is vitally important in achieving an effective design and therefore a satisfied client.

Extension architecture is no different, first, we must understand our clients’ desires for the project and couple this with an understanding of what is possible with regard to the host property and the local planning authority. Once we have done this we can let our creative ideas flow and look to produce a design that suits our clients needs exactly.

Of course, the introduction and its recent update to permitted development rights mean that it is also potentially easier than ever to have an extension approved and then built.

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