"Fantom Pivot: The Ultimate Solution for Pivot Doors

"Fantom Pivot: The Ultimate Solution for Pivot Doors

Fantom Hardware, an Australian company, has been revolutionizing the doorstop industry with its innovative products. One such product that stands out is the Fantom Pivot, a doorstop specifically designed for pivot doors.

What is Fantom Pivot?

The Fantom Pivot is a door-hold that features the patented dimple and hold-open design but without a stopping lip. Its application is for use with pivot doors to allow the door to swing in both directions but still locate the door and hold it in the closed location.

In double doors, this can be used on the active door to hold it shut and allow it to swing both directions, and also the inactive door instead of face-fixed drop bolts. Fantom Pivot can be used alongside Fantom Doorstop to offer an all-round pivot door solution, which will hold the door in the closed position but also as a doorstop when the door is being used.

Key Features of Fantom Pivot

Patented Dimple and Hold-Open Design

The Fantom Pivot features a patented dimple and hold-open design. This design allows the door to swing in both directions while still locating the door and holding it in the closed location.

No Stopping Lip

Unlike traditional doorstops, the Fantom Pivot does not have a stopping lip. This feature makes it ideal for use with pivot doors, allowing the door to swing freely in both directions.

High Durability and Smooth Functionality

The Fantom Pivot comes with an over-mold pin and a Nylon striker plate. This combination is for all-purpose use, offering high durability and smooth functionality. It is also the preferred combination for solid core doors due to its performance under weighted testing.

Installation and Use

The Fantom Pivot is easy to install and use. It requires a standard 14mm hole in the floor, 50mm deep. Once installed, the door can be released once it is engaged by simply pulling on the door as you normally would. The pin will travel out of the dimple and slide off the plate until the door is free. The pin will then just fall back down into the sleeve.

Expanding the Range of Fantom Solutions

With the introduction of the Fantom Pivot, Fantom Hardware further solidifies its position as an industry leader in innovative door solutions. The Fantom Pivot doortoppers complements the existing Fantom Doorstop, providing customers with a comprehensive range of options for managing pivot doors with ease and style.

Versatile Applications

The Fantom Pivot's versatility extends beyond residential settings to commercial and industrial spaces. Its sleek design and reliable performance make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from high-traffic office buildings to upscale retail stores.

Enhancing Safety and Convenience

By eliminating the need for traditional stopping lips, the Fantom Pivot enhances safety by reducing the risk of tripping hazards. Its smooth functionality and easy installation also contribute to improved convenience for both users and installers alike.


The Fantom Pivot is more than just a doorstop—it’s a game-changer for pivot door management. With its innovative design, durable construction, and seamless functionality, it offers a superior alternative to conventional doorstop solutions. Whether you’re upgrading your home or outfitting a commercial space, the Fantom Pivot is the ultimate choice for pivot door control.

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