Finding a China CNC Machining Manufacturer

Finding a China CNC Machining Manufacturer


If you need a custom part manufactured in China, you should be aware of the time frame involved. Chinese CNC machining companies can produce prototypes and small batches within a few days, and often ship larger orders via shipping services. However, shipping from China to the US may take longer than domestic delivery, so you should be sure to discuss your delivery deadlines with the manufacturer before placing your order. You can pay the manufacturer in US dollars or a variety of currencies, such as euros. You may also be required to pay for the service through an international wire transfer, although these may involve extra fees.



The best way to ensure that your CNC machined components are of the highest quality is to find a reputable and reliable manufacturer. You should also look for a company that has a strong quality control system based on international quality standards. A reliable manufacturer will thoroughly test and inspect the product at every stage of the manufacturing process. Moreover, you should find out if the company uses only high-quality raw materials in their production.

For instance, Yijin CNC machining factory is one of the biggest CNC manufacturers in China. It has been in business for 10 years and boasts twenty advanced CNC machines. Their CNC turning machines feature tolerances of 0.005mm. The company promises a fast turn-around time and a high level of quality. In general, they will submit prototype samples to you within a week of ordering. Once you approve the samples, you can expect bulk production to begin within one month. Rally CNC factory is another great place to source your CNC machine parts. Their factory also offers plastic injection molding and casting. This means you can get a complete CNC manufacturing service from a single source.



One way to reduce manufacturing costs is to find a China CNC machining manufacturer that can help you make prototypes or small runs. China 3ERP offers rapid prototyping services. Its CNC machining factory can help you get your prototype ready in as little as three weeks. This can save you both time and money! You can find out more about the services offered on 3ERP's website, or get in touch with them for further information.

Prototypes are critical to any size business, whether you are a startup or an established corporation. They enable you to have productive conversations about your design and help you to decide whether your concept is feasible. Prototypes also help you determine if your product will meet customer needs and minimize the number of iterations. 3ERP also offers high-quality rapid prototyping and injection molding services. The company's ISO 9001: 2015 certified manufacturing facility employs expert design and engineering teams to help you come up with the best possible product.

Junying CNC Machining Center

The company's extensive experience in CNC manufacturing services in China makes them an ideal partner for OEM companies. With hundreds of CNC machines and other manufacturing equipment, Junying can offer turn-key solutions for customers in need of high-quality custom CNC milling services. In addition, their highly-trained team of operators and engineers ensures that all processes are carried out to the highest possible standards. These factors make Junying the ideal choice for machining parts in a variety of materials.

Whether your CNC machining needs are for precision parts for aerospace or medical equipment, you'll find a wide variety of materials and machine tools at Junying CNC Machining Center. From stainless steel to aluminum, from plastics to metals, CNC machining services can handle a wide variety of materials. Junying CNC Machining Center offers high-quality services for all of these materials, and its online customer support makes it a good choice for OEMs and other businesses.


T-Artisan CNC machining manufacturer is an established name in the manufacturing business, offering high-quality and safe products to a diverse clientele. Located in Ningbo, China, T-Artisan specializes in CNC machining, die-casting, and other CNC services. Recently, it purchased a four-axis milling machine to enhance its capabilities. For more information, visit

It features a 200-watt CNC module that is perfect for precision machining of hardwood. Its ER11 collet supports a variety of bits and is welded to its frame. Its Rack and Pinion drive system delivers high torque and positioning for superior results. It can handle 5hp MTC or 13hp ATC spindles and 1/2'' shank router bits. And with its high-speed, multi-axis machining capabilities, this CNC milling machine is also highly flexible.


The CNC machining process has a long history in the aerospace industry, as aircraft components require the highest levels of precision and accuracy. With a wide range of material options, JTR MACHINE can create the perfect aircraft component. From aluminum to titanium, we can machine whatever you need. Read on to learn more about the benefits of CNC machining in the aerospace industry. Here's what you can expect from a Chinese CNC machining company.

Junying CNC Machine has been providing high-quality precision machining services for decades. Its CNC machining services are one-stop-shops for OEM clients. Its CNC machining facilities include hundreds of CNC machines and other manufacturing facilities, including ultra-sonic washing machines and blasters. The company employs highly qualified operators and engineers to provide you with precision machining. If you're looking for a CNC manufacturer in China, JTR MACHINE is the best choice.



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