Fitness benefits of riding electric bikes

Fitness benefits of riding electric bikes

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, physical fitness has been brought back to the forefront of many people's minds. It is well known that experts have linked physical fitness with mental well-being, and increasing amounts of people are talking about it on social media and the internet.

An active lifestyle keeps the mind and body healthy by boosting our immunity and releasing dopamine that makes us feel good. When it comes to exercise, people have their own preferences: some like to go to the gym and lift weights, others love running, swimming, or even playing in a team sport.

For some, cycling is their sport of choice. Cycling, whether traditional or electric, is regarded as a fantastic form of exercise cherished by millions. Traditional cycling in particular, has always been seen as the more effective form of cycling compared to its electric counterpart.

In an interesting turn of events however, a June 2019 study carried out by “Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspective” on over 10,000 adults in seven European countries, argues that electric bike users actually end up getting more exercise than traditional bike users! This study observed the average energy expenditure through different modes of transportation such as eBikes, bicycles, walking, driving, etc. The physical activity was measured in Metabolic Equivalent Task minutes per week (MET min/week). Where a traditional non-electric cyclist’s activity was 4085 MET min/wk, an electric cyclist’s activity clocked in at 4463 MET min/wk – a difference of 378 points!

The study also raised other interesting points, such as:

  1. eBikers travel more: Cyclists on electric bikes generally take longer trips compared to non-electric cyclists. On a daily average, people on eBikes cover 9.4 km of distance, while conventional cyclists cover only 4.8 km. The reasoning behind this difference can simply come down to how overwhelming cycling long distances can be – it’s very physically demanding! Electric bikes make this feat much more manageable, thanks to electric pedal assistance.

  2. Older people prefer electric bikes: The average age of electric cyclists was substantially higher than non-electric cyclists – the average age of e-cyclists was 48.1, as opposed to 41.4 years for traditional cyclists. This demonstrates that electric bikes are more accessible and accommodating for cyclists than non-electric bikes.

  3. Competes with conventional motorized vehicles: The research concludes that eBikes are a feasible option for sustainable transportation and presents itself as a fantastic alternative to conventional motor vehicles for short to medium distances in the city.

  4. The need for cycling infrastructure: The study also stresses the need to develop cycling infrastructure in an effort to make cycling safer for riders, electric and non-electric. These routes should also be designed to accommodate the elevated speed of eBikes.

Traditional cycling is well regarded as a remarkable form of exercise and transportation, and is perfect for small to medium distances within the city or as a leisure activity. However, it can find itself limited in its convenience, as some people want to use it in their daily lives.

Electric bikes allow people of all ages and fitness levels to cover longer distances, making daily commuting easier, leading to a higher adoption rate and more frequent usage. Its shining features and benefits make it a favorite choice among people from all walks of life.

This sentiment is echoed by many Canadians, who are increasingly switching to electric bikes as their primary mode of transportation. As per a 2019 report called “Incentivizing e-bikes in Canada: the world’s safest and healthiest zero emission electric vehicle”, the Canadian electric bike market is valued between 17-22 million CAD, and continues to grow every day! This is helping electric bikes push past the label of being a luxury item, to a reliable and effective form of transportation for daily use. In a similar fashion, it’s compelling city governments to establish more cycling infrastructure to accommodate electric cyclists, and encourage more people to make the switch.

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