Five High-Tech Hunting Gadgets You May Not Know

Hunters always look for ways to improve their performance and increase their odds of success in the field. Whether you're after elk, deer, or ducks, it's vital to know about the new technology devices that can make your hunts better. This article reviews five high-tech gadgets that you may not know you need.

Digital scouting cameras

Digital scouting cameras are a new type of hunting camera that uses high-resolution digital imaging and a motion sensor to capture images. They work using a wide-angle lens to capture a picture of an area with a high-definition zoom lens, then send it to your computer where you can view it. This way, you can check out a scene, and the types of animals present before you go hunting.

Thermo monocular

A thermo monocular is a high-tech handheld hunting device that uses thermography to identify and track animals when hunting. The device allows you to track running prey or shoot an animal at a distance without letting it see you. It also has a built-in camera that can take still images or video footage. Additionally, the device features an advanced multispectral sensor and camera lens, capturing images at night and in poor weather conditions.

Smartphone mapping apps

Like the best GPS hunting watch, a smartphone mapping app is a great way to get a complete picture of your hunting grounds. In the past, hunters relied on paper maps and compass readings to navigate their way around unfamiliar territory. Today's smartphone apps allow you to navigate quickly and accurately from your phone. The technology helps you find the best trip routes and access places you never knew.

Laser rangefinder

The laser rangefinder is a device that can detect the distance of a target from the shooter. It works by emitting a laser beam that bounces off the target and returns to the shooter, translated into distance readings displayed on a screen. This technology makes it possible for hunters to accurately know how far away their target is before they shoot. Knowing the distance between you and the prey prevents costly misses and unnecessary animal wounding.

Scent-control headcover

If you're a hunter, the first thing you do when hunting is to ensure prey cannot detect you. The scent-control headcover features carbon alloy technology that absorbs breath, hair, and skin odor, preventing animals from detecting your presence. Since most body odor comes from the head, this head gear masks your scent, ensuring you can hunt without scaring animals.


While these technological devices may open your eye to taking your hunting to the next level, always research any equipment before buying. 

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