Five Interesting Souvenirs To Buy For Friends and Family

Five Interesting Souvenirs To Buy For Friends and Family
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Qatar is a great place to go shopping because some unusual goods are hard to buy elsewhere. There are a ton of upscale retail centers offering premium and high-end products. But you should head to the bustling souqs (traditional markets) if you're looking for a real present or souvenir.

Thus, to reach these beautiful traditional markets, you would need a ride. For this, you can rent a car in Doha, Qatar. So that you can easily ride and roam around the city.

Five Interesting Souvenirs To Buy For Friends and Family

The Souq Waqif, Qatar's largest and most historic marketplace, is the ideal location for souvenir buying in Doha. Ancient handicrafts, fabrics, spices, and perfume are crammed into the winding passageways. Here is a list of the best Qatari keepsakes to bring home to assist you in making your choice.

  1. Pendant with your name in Arabic
  2. Arabian lamps
  3. Incense and traditional incense burners
  4. Ornamental wooden boxes
  5. Decorated shisha pipes

1.    Pendant With Your Name In Arabic

An exquisite souvenir of your trip to Qatar can be a personalized pendant featuring your name engraved in Arabic. These are produced widely by jewelers throughout Doha, and they can be produced affordably in gold or silver. Qatar is also the world's center for pearl extraction. Additionally, jewelry composed of amber-colored, white gold, silver, and platinum is available, either with or without semiprecious gemstones. Most jewelers will be willing to produce your design when you have something quite precise in mind.

2.    Arabian Lamps

Undoubtedly, Arabian lights are extraordinarily beautiful and give any personal space a dreamy, enchanted feel. A huge selection of distinctive styles to pick from, each featuring vividly colored glass, stunning designs, and graceful shapes.

The smaller swinging lights are more accessible and less difficult to get home. However, you might be enticed to get a lovely metal-base swan-neck desk lamp. Any lamp you select will be very sensitive, so use precaution when packing. They should ideally be transported in your suitcase.

3.    Incense And Traditional Incense Burners

In addition to buying regional perfumes, you may purchase a wide range of incense in Qatar and decorative traditional incense burners. Spend some time deciding which of the numerous available scents is your favorite.

One preferred option is frankincense, which has a deep, relaxing aroma. But customers can also purchase bakhoor, a unique, pleasant fibrous ball of oud (agarwood) blended with oils such as ambergris, sandalwood, crushed flowers, oat, & musky white. So even if you're not a lover of incense smoking, the burners are a nice souvenir to display in your house.

4.    Ornamental Wooden Boxes

Purchasing an elegant Arabic box makes a wonderful souvenir for your trip to Qatar. The boxes are incredibly convenient in your home to store jewelry and other small treasures, in addition to being simple to pack into luggage. They are the ideal present. Wooden boxes that have been exquisitely constructed come in various sizes and styles. They are typically decorated with elaborate designs, adding to their specialness. For example, you can discover camel bone boxes decorated with metals or jewels or more extraordinary brass cases.

5.    Decorated Shisha Pipes

A painted shisha pipe adds charm to any corridor or living area because it is tall, elegant, and striking. Shisha puffing is a traditional Middle Eastern hobby that has a significant cultural impact on Qatar. The pipes, known as hookahs, are commonplace in households, restaurants, gatherings, and special shisha cafes.

In Qatar, you may purchase a variety of shisha pipes, from small ones perfect for décor to larger units that you can use. Whether you smoke or not, a decorated shisha is a unique and colorful souvenir of Qatar. You may even get one personalized for you or a special someone. There is a wide variety on display in Souq Waqif. In addition, most stores that offer food and fragrances typically also offer shisha.

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