Five Signs of a Bad Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly

Five Signs of a Bad Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly
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28 December 2022

The wheel bearing is a round metal part installed in the center of the hub assembly that connects the wheel axles and helps the vehicle to turn smoothly. The wheel bearing has greased metal ball encased between two rings that are known as races. Over time, the wheel bearing and hub assembly degrade in their performance. And when it happens, it gives you some signs that you need to take into account before the wheel bearing and hub assembly are completely damaged. Let’s throw some light on the common signs of a worn wheel bearing and hub assembly. 

Unusual noise- Though unusual noises may occur because of plenty of causes, they can also be associated with the worn wheel bearing and hub assembly. You can hear different types of noises with worn wheel bearing hub assembly. Some common noises include clunking noise, crackling noise, rumbling noise, and grinding noise. The crackling noise is caused by worn or damaged outer CV-joint. Rumbling noises occur when the car is moving straight, these noises get worse when the car takes turns at the speed of 15-50 mph. The grinding noises occur while the vehicle is turning. 

Loose steering wheel- When the wheel bearing and hub assembly go bad, the steering wheel becomes loose within the wheel spindle and hub. You need to take this into account and get your car inspected by your local mechanic before any bigger damage occurs. 

Vehicle pulls to the side on pressing the brakes- When the wheel bearing and hub go bad, it disturbs the wheel alignment. In that case, when the brakes are applied, the vehicle slightly pulls to the side. 

Wheel vibration and wobble- If you notice the wheel begins to vibrate and wobble, the wheel bearing is loose. Because the worn wheel bearing tends to lose its clamp, which ultimately lead to wheel vibration and wobble issue. 

Uneven tire wears- This is likely to happen with the worn wheel bearings. Basically, the worn wheel bearing makes your wheel loose, which causes the tires to wear and tear. To stop the tire wear, you should replace the entire wheel bearing and hub assembly as soon as possible. 

Next step 

If you notice any of these signs, take your car to your local mechanic as soon as possible to get it inspected. Any ignorance can lead to other major damages to your car. Ensure you schedule an appointment with a reputed car mechanic who has prior experience in addressing such issues with the car. Their experience will not only help to detect the root cause of such an issue but also help to buy the right quality wheel bearing and hub assembly. 

Choose Aftermarket parts over OEM 

In order to buy the high-quality wheel bearing and hub assembly, you can choose to go with the aftermarket car part and accessory company that claims to offer you high-quality aftermarket car parts and accessories that compete with OEM car parts in terms of everything, right from durability and performance. No matter even if it is best grille cover online, you can confidently invest in an aftermarket car and accessories. Hence, notice the above signs and replace the wheel bearing with the aftermarket part.

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