Fixing The Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue

Fixing The Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue

Why are blank pages coming out of my brother's printer? Don't worry if this error is happening with your brother's printer; there are fixes available. This error can occasionally be brought on by both software bugs and hardware issues with the printer. It produces printouts of documents and files in great quality, however occasionally there are faults that Brother Printer Printing Blank Paper or not printing any blank pages at all. In that scenario, verify the error by checking the brother control centre. Sometimes printing blank pages is preferable to printing invisible white text. Many printers frequently get this problem.

Why Does My Brother Printing Blank Pages?

Find out Why Does My Printer Print Blank Pages. Make sure the brother printer's IP address is right by checking it once again. Continue by following the instructions in the article.

  • The wireless connection is problematic and unreliable.
  • Another reason why a printer prints incorrectly is outdated printer drivers.
  • A printing problem is being caused by the printer's wrong IP address.
  • Correct network password must be remembered and entered if the incorrect one was used previously.
  • the issue with the printer's ink cartridges. Perhaps the ink cartridges are empty or the level is low.
  • An inkjet printer could be equipped with subpar ink cartridges. Because the printer is not printing at all, ink may have dried.
  • There is a paper jam or the ink cartridges are jammed. The printer is unable to produce text and images in colour.
  • It's jammed or stopped up the printer head. The Brother printer is not printing any blank pages at all because the printhead is clogged with ink particles.
  • The printer settings are incorrect and ineffective.
  • Brother printer drivers are not correctly installed, the printer is not properly linked to a power source, and the printer's wireless network is malfunctioning.

Fixing a Brother printer that printing blank pages

Make sure the printer is first wifi-connected. Reconfigure the Brother printer on the wireless network using Windows or Mac after that.

  • There is an issue with the WiFi connection. Despite being linked to a wifi network, a printer cannot print. Maybe there are problems with the wifi network's connectivity.
  • Due to a large number of printing tasks waiting in a printer, the printer is unable to accept printing commands. Low and empty ink cartridges are present.
  • The outdated printer drivers must be uninstalled or installed again. Because printer drivers are crucial computer software, they occasionally need to be updated.
  • White text on blank pages is being printed by the printer. The printer drivers may be updated, or the old printer driver can be changed out for the new one, to fix this.

Brother printer printing blank pages mac

When the brother printer prints blank pages, you may need to add the printer to your Mac once more. Take the necessary actions to print on a Mac.

  • Press the Mac key first.
  • Select the printer and preferences option by selecting the control panel, entering, and key.
  • To perform a right-click on the printer drivers for your brother.
  • Select the remove option, then select the yes option to confirm.
  • Then select the 'Help me find it' option if my printer is old enough.
  • The option to change the existence will be selected after the printer has been searched.
  • To set your printer to default settings, click the next option and select Printer Sharing.
  • Select "finish" from the menu. The mistake of not printing blank pages will now be corrected.
  • Print a test page to verify.

Therefore, the ways to fix the brother printer not printing any blank pages at all have been described above. These procedures must be followed carefully and correctly. so that you may rapidly fix this printing issue and make optimum use of your printer.


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