Follow Fox Review - Personal Package

rajesh singh rajesh singh 02 October
Follow Fox Review - Personal Package


This blog is a review of FollowFox, one of the leading Instagram growth agencies currently available online. I had spent weeks - if not months - researching the options available to me, and after reading all of the mostly positive reviews of FollowFox, decided that they were the agency I was going to go with.

I’m not an Influencer, nor am I a business owner. I have a personal Instagram page that I like to think of as a platform for me as a person, and to use as a way to potentially promote myself professionally in the months and years to come. Before that, though, I needed enough of a follower base to put my profile on the Instagram map.

FollowFox Features

Not only were different reviews of FollowFox appealing enough for me to want to know more, they have some pretty amazing features which are very eye-catching, too. They promote organic, human-powered growth and insist that there will be no use of bots or fake accounts. Something I can attest to, having used their service myself. The Instagram growth FollowFox generates is all above-board and legitimate. It works by providing them with your target audience and who you want to reach and connect with. This can also be changed at any time. You’ll be paired with your own Account Manager, who will go through your strategies with you and communicate directly with your Growth Manager, whose job it is to concentrate solely on increasing your growth and Instagram followers.

Another amazing feature of FollowFox is their dashboard. Once you’ve signed up for their service, you’ll have access to your own personal dashboard, where you can access information on your Instagram growth - be it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. This way, you’ll never have to wait for someone to get back to you with your personal growth information.

 Follow Fox Review - Personal Package

Most noticeable of all though is the customer service that FollowFox displays from start to finish of the process. They are always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have in relation to any of the stages of your Instagram growth.

Packages & Pricing

FollowFox offers very competitive prices. Not the cheapest on the market, nor the most expensive. It’s important to keep in mind that companies offering the cheapest prices will often provide a service that is reflective of that. The package that I chose - ‘Personal’ - comes in at $59 a month. Then there’s the ‘Influencer’ package which is $89, and finally the ‘Business’ package which is $290 per month.


£54 /mo

       Guaranteed Growth

       Account Manager

       Target Hashtags

       Target Accounts

       Monthly reporting


£82 /mo

       Super Growth

       Account Manager

       Target Hashtags

       Target Accounts

       View Stories

       Like & Comment

       Weekly reporting


£209 /mo

       Ultimate Growth

       Premium Account Manager

       Target Hashtags

       Target Accounts

       View Stories

       Target Location

       Like & Comment

       Custom Reporting

       Priority Support

Great Growth Results

As the follower growth that FollowFox aims for is manual and organic, it’s hard to predict exactly when you’ll receive the growth you’re looking for. Having said that, you just have to have a little bit of patience and you will certainly see results. The number of followers on my page nearly doubled within the space of 4 weeks, which is more than I ever could’ve hoped for, not forgetting I chose the cheapest package. I’d imagine that should you choose the Influencer or Business option, you’ll see even better results. Using FollowFox has greatly helped me to create a bigger presence on Instagram, which in turn will assist me in any of my future plans, whether I choose to become an Influencer or promote a business.

Final Review

Although I was a little skeptical at first due to so much criticism being thrown at Instagram growth agencies and the fact that a lot of them are a scam, I’m so glad I chose FollowFox. They showed nothing but professionalism from the beginning and went out of their way to alleviate my fears. My personal Account Manager was always available to speak to, and kept me updated with any progress. I can personally vouch for FollowFox, and can confidently state that they do not use any bots or fake accounts. My Instagram is now full of REAL accounts, all of whom engage with my content. I would recommend FollowFox to anyone who is interested in growing their Instagram - for personal or business reasons.


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