Forza Horizon 5 Credits Guide: How to Earn Credits Fast

Forza Horizon 5 Credits Guide: How to Earn Credits Fast

In the vast open world of Forza Horizon 5, you’ll find yourself collecting player houses, cars, tunes, clothes, and so much more. And, as in most games, however much they enrich your experience, those things aren’t free. The same is true for this game. 

Forza Horizon 5 uses the in-game currency called credits to offer all that it has in store for the players. But earning credits, loads of them is not such an easy feat. However, the good news is that we have compiled some tips and tricks we learned from our experience and from the community in this guide to help you get your hands on those riches. 

Using Skill Points

One of the best ways to get Forza Horizon 5 credits is by using skill points to buy them. Skill points are generally used to upgrade your cars, however, that’s not their only use. If you’ve managed to rack up a huge amount of skill points, you can exchange them for credits.

These points are earned when you basically drive in style. In other words, when your car is in action on the road, that means performing drifts, stunts, near-misses, and all sorts of cool stuff, your skill points come pouring in. The cooler you drive, the more points you accumulate, and if you crash, all the points from the multiplier get reset to zero. 

Auction Cars

Forza Horizon 5 features a staggering amount of cars, at least around 700, and there’s a high chance you’ve managed to park some of them in your garage. Now there are some cars you get by playing the campaign, and some certain cars you only acquire every season from seasonal events, and they hold value when there’s no other way to get them. 

The game allows players from around the world to auction their extremely valuable cars to other players via auction houses for some heavy bucks. You can earn a lot of money this way by collecting cars every season and auctioning them when the season ends. Although it may really be sad to let go of the car you’ve worked so much on, it’s a choice you have to make if you want to fill that pocket of yours.

Wheelspins and Super wheelspins

Wheelspins are another great way to earn credits, and each time you spin you randomly get credits, a new car, clothing, or other items and accessories. It’s a fun feature you must use when running low on credits, especially in the early stages of your Horizon journey. While you must also acknowledge the fact that these spins are unpredictable, since they could earn you hundreds of thousands of credits or a lousy hat. If you’re feeling optimistic, you could sell those extra items for a few credits to keep your pocket warm.

Super wheelspins are even more rewarding, however, they are harder to get. They can also be earned from events and unlocking some houses as well. It’s an enhanced version of the regular one, with higher rewards and three slots instead of one. If you have one of these, consider you’re self extremely lucky.

Completing Races

The first and most obvious way to earn credits in the game is by simply racing, and crushing at it. Your performance in the race will determine the reward, and finishing at the top will result in higher rewards. It’s a guaranteed way to earn credits as you are rewarded at the end of every race, so even your participation will make you a good sum of money.

You can also raise the difficulty of the races and the rewards will be much higher even if you don’t win the races. In addition to that, you can also earn more credit and bonuses by completing seasonal races and championships, while the main races that are part of the Horizon can wait a little longer. If you see any championships pop up on your radar, make sure to give them a try for the extra credits.


The grind for credits, however, is not for everyone, alternatively, the credits could be bought with real money or the account handed over to the professionals for boosting, and with guaranteed safety as well. You can do so to improve your account stats, earn more credits, rank up faster and so much more. This is for players who don’t want to endlessly grind for hours every single day to climb the ranks in this game.


It goes without saying that money is a huge deal in this game, considering the fun opportunities it provides in the game. And there are various ways you could earn credits, whether it’s using skill points, selling cars, spinning wheels, or completing races. This guide consists of ways to earn those credits, from the easiest, fastest, and most efficient ones. On the other hand, credits could be bought with real money as well, if the constant grinding gets a little too tedious.

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