Free Custom URL Shorteners Alternatives to

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Free Custom URL Shorteners Alternatives to

Link shortening reduces the length of lengthier connections, which sometimes contain an unreadable mix of numbers, letters, and special characters.


What Makes Link Shortening Tools Useful?


Most often, programs for URL shortening keep track of how many people visit your links. To determine the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns or content marketing methods, you may keep track of who clicked on your link. Link shorteners are quite useful from a marketing standpoint.


It's also perfect for social media postings, when you might only have a few characters to get your point through. Engaging your audience is made simpler by shortening URLs and putting an emphasis on content.


Furthermore, shorter URLs are more appealing. They make your material more user-friendly and are simpler to read. To simultaneously reinforce your brand message, you may use URL shorteners to produce branded links.


Short URLs are an essential tool since effective marketing is around giving your clients a pleasant experience and raising awareness.


To be clear, shortening URLs isn't always useful. There is no need to shorten the connection, for instance, if you are only connecting from one page of your website to another.


Check out my consultation services if you need assistance choosing which links to shorten and which ones to leave alone.


How Does Operate?


In 2009, Google's own URL shortening service,, was introduced.

At originally, you could only shorten URLs for the Google toolbar since it only functioned with Google applications. But in 2010, Google opened up access to the tool, making it easier for all website owners to access and utilize. provided a straightforward method for producing shorter, more readable URLs. Simply enter your lengthy URL, and will produce a shorter URL devoid of unnecessary lines of characters:


A one-off URL might be made without a Google or G Suite account as well. But if you wanted to keep track of all your personalized URLs, you could register for an account and quickly see all your abbreviated links:

Free Custom URL Shorteners Alternatives to

Additionally, tracking the number of clicks on the abbreviated URL allowed website owners to develop marketing strategies:

Free Custom URL Shorteners Alternatives to

But why did Google deactivate Simply said, was created just for desktop surfing. Google concluded the tool wasn't flexible enough to remain competitive as browsing patterns changed and more people started using mobile devices or applications to access the web.

Free Custom URL Shorteners Alternatives to

Firebase Dynamic Links, or FDL, which took over for in 2019 is the solution. FDL differs from in a few ways, as we'll see, but there are other URL shortening services that are also worthwhile to take into account. Alternatives


How do you pick the best link shortening tool for your purposes when there are so many other options available? Here are seven great alternatives you can use today to help you focus your search.

T2M URL Shortener

One of the top URL shorteners with sponsored links is T2M URL Shortener. It provides a free, excellent dashboard and unlimited clicks on URL links. Sophisticated statistics and reports, as well as personalized vanity short links with QR codes. Agency-specific dedicated instance option. Additionally, it offers a fully functional API, bulk creation through CSV import and export, and much more.

Free Custom URL Shorteners Alternatives to

T2M is quite helpful since it automatically produces QR codes and a shortened URL. T2M is powered by Zesle Software Inc., a Canadian company.


Along with URL shortening, it offers all the enterprise-level features, including CSV import/export, REST APIs, campaigns, multi-user seats, parameter forwarding, SSO integration, and much more. Other features include custom-branded short URLs, custom domains, password protection, and the ability to change the URL slug or destination URL at any time.


In-depth statistics similar to Google's are also available, including a timeline graph, a graph showing the most popular browsers, device information, geo-country facts, etc.


Additionally, if you need high availability and agency-level consumption, you may purchase a dedicated instance.

Free Custom URL Shorteners Alternatives to

Firebase Dynamic Links


If you're concentrating on app development, Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) is a suitable tool to start with because it takes the position of


Given that you are still producing short URLs, Firebase functions similarly to These URLs, though, are "smart" or "dynamic" links rather than regular links.


Even if they don't already have the app loaded, users who click on an FDL link are taken exactly where you want them to be in your Android or iPhone app. The correct page loads immediately after they download the program.


It makes no difference if they click through from a desktop or mobile browser. You won't need to create distinct URLs for each platform since they will all lead to a compliant version of your website.


Consider FDL if you're concentrating on app-based marketing. Although the expensive plan offers several wonderful features, there is a free option.




Do you wish to use custom domain names to build distinctive branding links? If so, Rebrandly may be right for you.


Rebrandly is more than simply a URL shortening tool, and it is trusted by household names like IBM and Shopify. It's a link management software made to make it simple for you to quickly create whole marketing campaigns centred around branded links.


You can create and share links across more than 100 connected apps, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, without ever leaving your browser. Additionally, you may assess the success of your campaigns via the dashboard.

Although registration is free, subscription packages with access to more in-depth stats and numerous branded links start at just $29 per month. Contact Rebrandly for a personalized quotation if you need an enterprise-level solution for bigger teams.


If you already use Hootsuite, you should give a try.


Any URL shared on social media may be shortened directly from the Hootsuite dashboard. This enables you to simultaneously monitor everything from your campaign ROI to your link stats. Unless you also use other systems like Google Analytics, there is no need to migrate between multiple products. is included for free with each Hootsuite account, thus using the tool doesn't require a separate subscription. Looks fantastic, doesn't it?


This isn't the best tool for everyone because it's exclusively available to Hootsuite users, but if you currently use Hootsuite it's worth a go.




Consider Bitly, one of the most complete solutions available, for enterprise-grade link management.


You can create more than simply brief, branded links with Bitly. You are utilizing those links as effective marketing resources. The most comprehensive campaign management tools are provided from Bitly, which can allow you keep tabs on anything from clicks to natural sharing.


It's an effective tool for tracking client journeys without switching between several CRMs, which makes it perfect for larger businesses wanting to collect data and effectively expand their campaigns. In order to engage clients and increase sales, you may even use QR codes.


Furthermore, Bitly is a platform that delivers on its promises because companies like Amazon, Disney, and Gartner trust it! Prices for packages begin at $29 per month.


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