French Officials Told to Abandon Gaming Anglicisms

French officials are told to stop gaming anger

31 May

France's language watchdog has told officials of the government to use French gaming terms instead of English ones.

The Academie Francaise believes that "jeu video de competition" should be replaced with "e-sports" and that "streamer" should be replaced with "joueur-animateur direct".

France's ministry of culture told the AFP news agency that Anglicisms were "a barrier to understanding".

However, gamers have criticised the ban, with one calling them "completely unnecessary".
Worst lies

France frequently warns of the "debasement of its language" by importing English words.

Other official translations include "jeu video en nuage" for "cloud gaming".

The Academie Francaise was created in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu, and is the official keeper of the French language.

The 40 Academy members have their own uniforms with embroidered details and a sword for ceremonial use. This outfit might not be too out of fashion in Assassin's Creed Unity 2014.

The institution has long campaigned against the encroachment of English words into French technology has often encouraged.

However as news site reported, a prior effort to replace "le wifi" with "l'access sans fil a internet", did not get off the ground.

On Twitter, a gamer opposed the latest ruling, writing: "I'm French and I find this absurd, nobody would ever use the terms. This ban is absurd.

In a series or replies to Eurogamer's tweet, several others posted memes suggesting that the French versions were more sophisticated than the English.

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