Frequently Asked Questions About Infertility & Their Answers

Frequently Asked Questions About Infertility & Their Answers
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Infertility is way more common than people think. According to data available to WHO, between 48 million couples and 186 million individuals have infertility globally.

It’s just that couples are shy to discuss this problem. The more they delay the infertility treatment, the more frustrated they will get.

 Infertility problems are not incurable, a reputable fertility center in UAE will connect you with qualified fertility specialist doctors to begin the treatment.

Before starting a treatment or while dealing with infertility issues, couples have lots of questions. Some even don’t seek medical help due to myths and self-created doubts.

Let’s walk you through all the common infertility questions and their answers.

1. When should a woman consider infertility evaluation?

Any woman under 35 trying to conceive a baby for over a year with no success should consider infertility evaluation.

It’s not that women over 35 can’t get pregnant but fertility in women declines gradually from the late 30s.

2. Is infertility evaluation only for women?

Generally, 30% of fertility problems are due to the man. In fact, men are equally prone to having infertility issues as women. So infertility evaluation is not only for women but for men as well.

If the female partner is declared 100% healthy and fit for conceiving a baby, the male partner should consider going for an infertility evaluation.

3. How is infertility treated?

Infertility treatments rarely require any invasive procedure. More often than not, infertility issues in Dubai are treated with medicines, foods, and lifestyle changes depending on the cause.

4. What is IVF treatment?

In IVF treatment, egg freezing is combined with sperm outside the body in a lab. Though this is expensive and invasive, it’s one of the most successful treatments for couples struggling to have a baby due to infertility issues.

5. What is genetic testing and when do you need it?

Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) is an infertility evaluation technique in which cells are procured from an egg or embryo (fertilized egg) to obtain information about the cells present in the embryo.

This testing determines the heritable conditions that your offspring may inherit from you and helps fertility specialists analyze your reproductive health.

6. Is genetic infertility curable?

Unfortunately, there’s no treatment for genetic infertility disorders in men. However, with IVF, a man’s sperm can help him father a child.

7. Is In Vitro Fertilisation expensive?

Generally, IVF is considered an expensive infertility treatment. Only the most experienced surgeons and IVF professionals can carry out such a complex procedure. So its cost is relatively higher than traditional infertility therapies.

Check out if your insurance provider covers this treatment.

8. How to find a fertility clinic in Dubai?

There are hundreds of fertility clinics in Dubai and all over the UAE. To learn about the experiences of other couples, positive results, and the cost of the treatment, check out their websites.

If you don’t know a single fertility clinic in Dubai, just write “Fertility clinic near me in Dubai” on Google and you will find plenty of options.

9. What are some of the common causes of infertility?

Sometimes infertility causes remain unknown. As per the research, the most common causes of infertility in women include:

  • Scarring from pelvic surgery
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Sterilization
  • Certain medicines and drugs
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis

10. Is there anything couples can do to improve my fertility?

Sometimes a poor lifestyle is the root cause of infertility issues. For example, obese or underweight women often deal with infertility issues. Likewise, both men and women alike struggle with fertility problems if they are alcoholics or chain smokers. 

Men often develop erectile dysfunction due to the use of marijuana and steroids.

11. Does fertility treatment increase the chance of twins?

Infertility treatments boost the chances of conceiving twins and sometimes even triplets as such therapies cause multiple eggs to develop in the ovary. This is called multiple gestations.

12. How often do fertility drugs cause multiple births?

Research shows a strong relationship between multiple births and fertility drugs. According to ASRM(American Society of Reproductive Medicine), approximately 30% of pregnancies from gonadotropins result in multiple births.

13. Can a program predict whether I'll become pregnant?

Though the success rate of all fertility treatments is quite high, about 50%, no fertility center would guarantee that your treatment will be 100% successful. Every couple is unique. Around 30% of infertility cases are for unknown reasons – both male and female partners are healthy yet unsuccessful to conceive a baby.

14. How soon can I expect results from infertility treatment?

Sometimes the results are immediate and women conceive within a matter of months, while often infertility treatment goes on for months before a woman finally conceives a baby.

If you are going for IVF, clinics recommend a two-week wait after your embryo transfer.


Infertility is a common problem these days. Whether you are a newly married couple with no success in conceiving yet or struggling to get pregnant for several years, consulting with an infertility doctor in Dubai is the right option. Meet a Dubai fertility center to discuss your problem and start your treatment after a proper diagnosis.

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