From Traditional to Modern Themes of Indian Films at the Festival

From Traditional to Modern Themes of Indian Films at the Festival
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The Indian film industry has evolved so much throughout the last few decades. The modifications in the type of content being produced by the film industry today have been one of the most noteworthy changes that have indeed increased the significance of Indian cinema. The cinema must be valued for its vast contributions and to encourage new talents who bring unique themes and directions to the world of the film industry, the most famous film festivals have continuously been playing a very essential role.

From Traditional to Modern Themes of Indian Films at the Festival

Modifying Trends in Cinema Over The Last Century

In recent decades, Indian cinema has progressed a lot in terms of creating films that are more upfront, unconventional, entertaining, and impactful. The transition from black-and-white movies to colorful vibrant films happened after the introduction of sound and color features for the film produced in the Indian film industry. The advanced filmmaking techniques and equipment enabled the filmmakers to create more detailed films providing the audiences with a rich cinematic experience. 

The craze of telling real inspirational stories through biopics, short films, and documentaries has largely increased in the past two decades. From traditional themes to modern issues, there has been an epic change in the way cinema is created and consumed these days.

Traditional Cinema

Traditional films hold profound social and cultural importance in Indian cinema. These films not only denote the values and beliefs of the Indians but also aim at encouraging them. The rich storytelling and the characters which the viewers can relate to complemented by the music that adds more depth to the story and the characters are the key characteristics of traditional Indian films.

Modern Cinema

Modern cinema has been all about a drastic shift in the storytelling approach and the core motives behind producing films. The only purpose of films is not limited to entertainment but now includes creating awareness and bringing a change. The filmmakers are continuously experimenting with new genres, bringing new perspectives and touching on uncommon topics. 

Filmmakers use different techniques to create films nowadays. Creating a mix of romance, drama, thriller, and comedy together to produce something that gives the audience an everlasting experience is the common approach of the filmmakers of today. 

The biggest film festivals in India have never shied away from screening films that are out of the box, powerful, and leave a greater impact on the audiences created by modern independent filmmakers. Film festivals have also played a greater role in the global recognition of Indian cinema and Indian filmmakers.

The Emergence of Regional Cinema

Regional cinema was always limited to the regional boundaries earlier. Very few people knew about the regional film industries. The changing times have allowed regional filmmakers and artists to gain mainstream attention through their work and talent. Regional cinema is no more limited to a particular state or part of the country but has reached the international audiences as well. The south industry in India in particular has delivered the biggest blockbusters and award-winning films in the last decade making them represent India on the global platform.

Female Oriented Films

Gone are the days when female artists used to be mere supporting characters in films while the story revolved around male characters. The producers are now creating films that are led by strong women characters. Female filmmakers are also creating top-notch films that have enabled them to gain respect and appreciation from their audiences and fellow filmmakers. 

The films being produced are more focused on depicting the struggles faced by females, their achievements, and women empowerment. Film festival in India even organizes separate sections for showcasing films that are produced by women filmmakers or are based on female stories to honor, value and let the voices of these women reach greater audiences.


Film festivals have continuously realized the power of good cinema and that is why these festivals have become more prominent with time. Jagran Film Festival not only believes in treating every filmmaker as an equal but also aims at promoting strong narratives, equality, cultural values, and the significance of creating a difference with good cinema and films by screening the hidden gems of Indian cinema at the festival.

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