Galaxy S21 Ultra - IT'S CONFIRMED

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Galaxy S21 Ultra - IT'S CONFIRMED

It's being rumored for quite a while now that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will support the S Pen functionality and there may not be a Galaxy Note 21 Ultra next year. Well, we have some confirmed news from arguably the biggest Samsung tipster out there Ice Universe who says the Galaxy S21 Ultra will indeed support the S Pen stylus but with a slight catch. And also a lot of people are saying that this will be the end of the Galaxy Note line and there will not be a Galaxy Note 21

First off, Ice Universe says that he can 100% confirm that S21 Ultra supports the S Pen which is amazing but the catch is, it won't be integrated inside the phone. I mean there won't be a slot for the pen-like we have on the Note series. But instead, you have to buy it separately.

This essentially means the S21 Ultra will have a digitizer beneath the display and people who are hardcore S Pen fans can take advantage of QHD and 120Hz refresh rate at the same time and also they don't need to wait until August for the Galaxy Note phone to launch, they can buy the latest Galaxy S phone provided they spend some extra cash to buy the S Pen separately.

I see a lot of websites, people are saying that Samsung bringing the S Pen support to the Galaxy S Line is the end of the Galaxy Note line which I can confirm is not going to happen. We will surely see the Galaxy Note 21 later in 2021. That's according to a very reputed source which I can't name for now and you'll get to know later when he publically tweets it but trust me we will see the Galaxy Note 21 and Note 21 Ultra later next year.

Samsung is also bringing the S Pen to the Z Fold 3 and it's going to use a different tech that is electrostatic induction instead of electromagnetic for the S Pen to counteract those powerful magnets the Z Fold lineup has. But whether or not Samsung discontinues the future Galaxy Note line from 2022 onwards is up for debate but for now, the Galaxy Note 21 is right on track in Samsung's schedule and will launch in the second half of next year.


Also, the S Pen on the S21 Ultra isn't going to hurt the Note 21 Ultra much because the Note isn't just about the S Pen. It has many distinct characteristics such as a boxier design that people are a fan of, it gets newly updated chipsets, and basically, it's the perfected version of the Galaxy S line. Also, no S Pen slot for the S21 Ultra means people are rarely going to use it because you can't carry it all the time. So it's not the same as a dedicated slot on the Note. Yes, Samsung is debating to merge the two lineups but it's going to depend on the success of the foldable lineup. And unless Samsung brings down that $2000 price tag to say $1300 or $1400, I don't think it's going to fill that void left by the Note.

Galaxy S21 Ultra - IT'S CONFIRMEDAnyway, we also have screen protector leaks of the Galaxy S21 and S21+, and as you can see razer thin bezels all around. The punch hole camera actually looks bigger here which isn't the case. In reality, it is a little smaller than this. Also, Samsung made the Exynos 1080 official yesterday. It's the first 5 nm chipset from Samsung and it's the successor to the 8 nm Exynos 980.

Samsung says it's twice as fast and 15% more efficient than 980. Also, the GPU is 2.3 times faster than Exynos 980's GPU. It can also support 144Hz display at FHD and 90Hz QHD. And here are the cluster of cores. Basically, it's a flagship chipset disguised as an upper midrange chipset and Samsung is smart. They saw companies like Google, LG, and more have gone full-fledged with upper midrange Snapdragon 765 for their flagships.

So they know there's going to be a huge demand for upper midrange chipsets going forward, and they just made the best chipset in its class that also happens to beat the latest flagship chipset from Qualcomm. 

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