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Samsung has a good habit of mocking Apple for every dumb thing they do but at the same time, they also have this weird habit of doing the exact same thing a year or two later.

It happened with the headphone jack when Samsung ran a dedicated ad campaign against Apple mocking the iPhone X for not having a headphone jack. A year later they did the exact same thing and removed the headphone jack from the Galaxy Note 10. And now it might happen again.

Just a few days ago Samsung put out this on their Facebook page saying their Galaxy phones do come with basic things such as a charger mocking Apple for not bundling a charger inside the iPhone 12's box. And now it seems they might do the same with the Galaxy S21.

There are reports out of South Korea that say Samsung is considering removing the charger and the earphones from all the Galaxy S21 variants including the Ultra.

It seems Samsung's marketing team didn't get the memo from the upper management that they would be following in Apple’s footsteps. When Samsung, Xiaomi, and OnePlus mocked Apple for this a few days ago, I said it's a matter of time before these companies shamelessly will follow suit and that's exactly what's happening. Such a move would be beneficial for Samsung in similar ways to Apple. They say it's for the environment, but we all know It's all about the money. Such a move would reduce the production cost and hence more profits for the company.

Customers could also be encouraged to buy headphones separately, such as the Galaxy Buds or the AirPods Pro, further increasing revenue.

It's being reported that unlike Apple which kept the prices same this year even by not bundling the charger and earphones, Samsung will likely reduce the retail prices of all the Galaxy S21 variants which again isn't surprising because the S20 variants are outrageously priced.

The good news is, the report mentions that Samsung may not necessarily go as far as Apple though, as some insiders believe only the headphones would be removed, while the charger will remain for now, but they are most certainly will remove the headphones from the box, something that they already do with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in the United States.

The rest of the world got the AKG earphones with the Note 20 Ultra but the US didn't because Samsung wanted to keep the price down in the US because the US Note 20 variants have millimeter-wave 5G which is around $100 more expensive than sub 6 GHz 5G that the rest of the world gets.

In any case, I think this is ridiculous on both Samsung's and Apple's part that we are even having this conversation today. The Charger is a basic necessity of every person who carries a handheld device and not including it on a $1000 plus device is so stupid in my opinion. And I blame Apple for setting the wrong standard for the mobile industry and on top of that, I blame Samsung and all these other companies who are going to shamelessly follow this in the name of saving the environment.

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