Galaxy Z Fold 3 - FIRST Samsung Phone To Have On Display Camera

Galaxy Z Fold 3 - FIRST Samsung Phone To Have On Display Camera
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21 November 2020

If you have been following the tech news  recently then you know that Samsung is ending   the Galaxy Note line and replacing it with the  Galaxy Z Fold line. Yes, it isn't official yet   but all of the sources say the same thing. Plus  the fact that there's absolutely no development   of the Galaxy Note 21 indicates that unlike  previous years the rumors are actually true.  

The Z Fold will take that spot from Galaxy Note  as Samsung's best offering from that particular   year.

We have more information about the  Galaxy Z Fold 3 which shows that in the absence   of its biggest rivals Apple and Huawei in the  foldable market, Samsung is planning to bring some   groundbreaking technologies to the Z Fold 3. Samsung's engineers really outdid themselves with   the improvements on the Z Fold 2 which looks  light years ahead of the original Fold despite   being only a year apart. And that's what we will  see on the Z Fold 3 as well.

We've heard rumors a   couple of months ago that Samsung is bringing the  Under display camera technology on the Z Fold 3   making it the first Samsung phone to  have this technology. Galaxy Z Fold 3 - FIRST Samsung Phone To Have On Display CameraBut since then   we haven't heard anything about it until now.

South Korean media is reporting that Samsung has   started the production of the under-display  cameras for the Z Fold 3. Samsung's own LSI   division which supplies camera sensors for their  flagships will make these under-display cameras.  

Samsung has also developed a sophisticated image  correction algorithm to improve image output.   Also to improve the light input on the camera  sensor they are making a special type of display   in which the area above the front camera has  many tiny holes which we can't see through   our eyes but they will allow more light to  pass through on to the camera sensor.   Galaxy Z Fold 3 - FIRST Samsung Phone To Have On Display CameraSince Samsung has already started producing  these camera sensors, it's a very good   indication that the Z Fold 3 will indeed be  the first one to get this technology.  

Also the Z Fold 3 will have the S Pen support  and to make sure it doesn't dent the display,   Samsung is increasing the thickness  of the Ultra-thin glass by twofold   from 30micrometer to 60micrometers.

By the way, Z Fold 3 isn't the only foldable   Samsung is launching next year. There will  be three foldables next year to be exact.   The Z Flip 3 will be launched first in Spring,  followed by the Z Fold 3 and an affordable   Z Fold FE or Z Fold Lite. We don't know anything  about the Fold FE except that it's going to be   affordable.

Don't expect it to be $700  but somewhere in the range of $1000 to $1200   which is good for foldables. The  price will further come down once   more people will start buying foldable phones.

Anyway, there's one more foldable phone Samsung   is working on and it's called  Galaxy Z Fold S or Z Fold Scroll   which is actually a rollable smartphone like the  one we saw a couple of days ago on an Oppo device.   But don't expect it to be launched next year as  Ice Universe says the rollable phones are far   from being mass-produced. They are still a concept  phone and are going to remain a concept phone even   next year.

The Foldables will take the spotlight  and the Z Fold 3 will lead the technology.   Interestingly LG has already teased a rolling  display phone rumored to be called the LG Slide,   and it's expected to be launched in March  next year. And like Oppo, I don't think LG   will showcase it as a concept phone but rather try  to sell it to consumers just like the LG wing.   In any case, I'll keep you updated with  everything, Let me know your thoughts down   in the comments.

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