Gem4me’s Results of 2022: Accomplishments and future plans

Gem4me’s Results of 2022: Accomplishments and future plans
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21 December 2022

The year of 2022 was quite profound for developers of Gem4me. In summary, the core notion you should know, in case you are weary of reading the article in full, is that Gem4me is now more than just a messenger. 

The developers are listing their greatest accomplishments in 2022 in the following order: 

– introduced a news feed in the channels section;

– provided new privacy and security settings;

– prepared a foundation for bloggers, including broadcast recording, comments on articles and donations;

– launched free voice message transcription;

– minor features - designed new backgrounds for chats and individual sticker packages, introduced the indicator of a message being composed and many more.

There is no need to mention all the innovations - the list would be too long; moreover, a common user may not even comprehend most of them. Although, the user will notice how much more convenient the application became.  

Gem4me’s Results of 2022: Accomplishments and future plans

News feed

The most interesting addition that was welcomed by practically all the users. Functionality of the messenger is rather unusual: news feed is present only on social networks nowadays. The feed depicts all the latest posts by channels that a user is subscribed to. It is a rather convenient feature as all the most recent posts from all of the channels can be read at once, omitting the need to open each individual channel.  The news feed will also feature recommended channels with similar content for a user to enjoy.  

Free voice message transcription

Voice message transcription - a minor function, although, turned out to be quite an essential one based on the reaction from the audience. No one really enjoys listening to voice messages - it is inconvenient, time consuming, and most of the time voice messages are forgotten about. Unfortunately, the number of users who enjoy sending them is only increasing. The function of voice message transcription saves the day. One button, one second, zero expenses - the transcribed text of a voice message is presented. Developers are not intending to charge any fees for the transcription feature. In any case, for now.

Updates to privacy settings 

Everyone is concerned about their privacy and confidentiality at all times, especially developers of messengers. Gem4me introduced several sophisticated settings options in 2022 which allow for a user to determine how strict their privacy and security should be. For instance, now several categories of users (or even everyone) can be prohibited from sending voice messages to a user, if they choose so. Users can decide who can find them in a search, who can add them to new channels and much more. 

New capabilities for bloggers 

Bloggers received special attention in Gem4me over the course of this year. The option of hosting live broadcasts and recording them has finally been added. Voice calls can now also be recorded.  Moreover, bloggers can invite additional hosts to join their live broadcasts as well.  

Feedback with readers of channels — one of the main reasons for why the channels exist in the first place. Users can now leave comments on posts; as it happens, reading comments is more interesting than original posts at times. 

Gem4me’s Results of 2022: Accomplishments and future plans

Additionally, Gem4me introduced a donation service for bloggers over the course of this year (with no commission!). Currently, the monetization is not fully complete, although the advertising platform is being launched shortly - it will operate in test mode in 2023. 

Interface, design and miscellaneous features

Most of the time, improvements of such nature do not go unnoticed: new backgrounds for chats, new sticker packages, new screens with hints and walkthroughs, new correction of errors and etc. - it is a continuous work flow in which highlighting something special is challenging. However, personalized stickers became a rather exciting topic in 2022. The purpose of such stickers is to allow for users to design sticker packages themselves and use them in their conversations: the humor of such stickers is comprehended only by the closest friends or colleagues who work together for many years.


So what’s next? Gem4me will finally leave the definition of being a “messenger” behind in 2023 and will become something much bigger. It already features a social network, a blog platform and a marketplace. What’s next? Developers say that it is a secret at this time, although they promise to amaze in the first half of 2023. We are waiting with excitement.

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