Get Attractive Printed Packaging Bath Bombs Wholesale

Get Attractive Printed Packaging Bath Bombs Wholesale

Attractive Packaging Bath Bombs With Company Logo

Bath bombs are really amazing products are used for relaxing of your body. These contain oils and fragments of different kinds. To protect these amazing bath bombs from damage packaging bath bombs can help you out. These amazing packaging not only protect your product from damage but also used for the attraction.


So for this purpose we can add different designs on the packaging. These designs can be according to the flavors of the bath bombs. To design these boxes we have professionals who portray these designs according to your desire. You can have these designs according to your ideas and views and our professionals will sketch these ideas under their supervision. These designs can be loud, smooth, harsh as well as soothing according to your desire.

Company logo and innovative colors

Moreover it can also help to make your product well known in the market with the help of company logo on the boxes. You can also add different colors on the packaging so that it can look vibrant, funky and lively. For this purpose we have latest color patterns. These can also be used for gift purpose. You can add graphics according to the event as well as you can also add colors according to the event to make your gift look more special. For more designs and innovative ideas you can visit our website. There are number of designs and templates available on our website.

Packaging Bath Bombs

Printed Packaging Provide More Chances For Sale

As these bath bombs are well known product in the market and is manufactured by different companies so stand your product among all is big challenge. For this purpose printed packaging is the best option. It also plays a good impact on the sales of your product.


The latest printing techniques are the best option to add different things on your packaging bath bomb. These packaging can have the company logo so that the customer can know about your product. Moreover you can also add different descriptions related to your packaging bath bombs. These printings are also very helpful to add different greeting on the gift boxes. You can also add price tags as well as tagline on the boxes so that it can accommodate your customers.

Wholesale rate

We are here to help you in any case if you are concerned about the high rates of the packaging in the market than no need to worry when we are here. We offer you the best packaging for your product at really affordable price. You can check all market rates but our rates are really accommodating as compare to our competitors. Moreover if still you are under concerned about the rates of the packaging because you need in large amount then you should go for or wholesale rates. Yes you read right! If you order us in the form of bulk you can have flat off. Moreover we also offer price packages that accommodate you to choose according to your reliability. These prices are designed according to the features of the packaging. Moreover you can also have flat 30% off on occasions to make your occasion more memorable.

Packaging Bath Bombs

Coatings Available For Packaging Bath Bombs

Among all the designs printings and all other features some most important features are the box styles, size, shape and last but not the least the amazing finishing coatings. These features make your packaging look innovative and creative.

Box styles

To give your packaging a totally different and attractive look you can add amazing box styles to your packaging. These box styles give your bath bomb packaging a well-organized look. For this the amazing box styles can be double wall front tuck, two piece, gable boxes as well as you can add sleeve packaging also to give it luxurious look. These boxes are really helpful for display purpose if you add window die cut on the boxes; to help it out to be visible for the customers. You can also add handles for the feasibility of the customers.

Shape and size

These boxes are available in different shapes and size so that it can give a symmetrical look to the packaging. You can have these boxes in square, rectangle, hexagonal and many other shapes. These boxes are available in different size according to your demand; so that your product can easily fit inside the box.

Finishing coating

To give your packaging smooth elegant and decent look we have latest coatings. These coatings can be customized according to your choice. The possible coating for your packaging can be glossy coating, glittery coating, matte coating, UV spot coating, aqueous coating and many more.

Packaging Bath Bombs

iCustomBoxes Offer The Best Quality and Durability

Material is the most important thing that is required for the best packaging. So for this purpose the quality and durability of the packaging is most important thing. Moreover the ecofriendly nature of the material is a good step towards the environment.

Best material

The material for these amazing products should be very protective, sturdy and durable. These boxes can be of cardboard that is light weight and can be mold in different shapes. Moreover as bath bomb are highly reactive products so the material should be very stable to protect them. We also offer Kraft and corrugated material so that you can have variety for your packaging material.

Ecofriendly material

The material used in the packaging is totally ecofriendly. These can be easily disposed and reused to keep different products. The material for this product is so stable that it can protect your material from any change in the external temperature. Moreover these boxes are very friendly for the shipping of your product.

Why iCustomBoxes?

iCustomBoxes is the best packaging company for your product. We offer best services for the packaging. Along with all the features we also offer free professional consultation for your help to customize your boxes. Moreover we offer best customer services for your help. We also offer free shipping all over the world. For more details visit our website.

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