Get Ready For Oracle 1Z0-1075-22 Questions and Answers

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Get Ready For Oracle 1Z0-1075-22 Questions and Answers

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Get Ready For Oracle 1Z0-1075-22 Questions and Answers

Question: 1

A Work Center created a month ago is no longer in use now. You want to remove the Work Center; however, the system is no allowing you to delete it.

Identify three reasons for this.

A. There are resources associated with the Work Center.
B. The Work Center is being referenced in the Closed Work Order.
C. The Work Center is being referenced in the Open Work Order.
D. The work center is being references in the work definition operation.
E. The work center is being referenced in the Work Area.


 Answer: A,C,E

Question: 2

In a manufacturing plant, a production operator in a given shift completes a car assembly and reports this using orderless completion by referencing a Work Definition.

Identify the two purposes of the referenced Work Definition in Orderless reporting.

A. Material usage
B. Resource usage
C. Processing steps
D. Scrap material
E. Return material 
Answer: A,B

Question: 3


While creating an item in Product Information Management (PIM), the following two item templates are selected in sequence and applied.

1. Template: Finished Goods (WIP = No, Customer Ordered = Yes)
2. Template: Sub-assembly (WIP = Yes, Customer Ordered = No)


Identify the Item Attribute values in the application.

A. WIP = Yes, Customer Ordered = Yes
B. WIP = Yes, Customer Ordered = No
C. WIP = No, Customer Ordered = Yes
D. WIP = No, Customer Ordered = No
Answer: C

Question: 4


Your customer plans to use Oracle Representational State Transfer (REST) API with Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud (Oracle SCM Cloud) to support integration requirements.

Identify four REST resources and the corresponding HTTP action available with Manufacturing Cloud.

A. Work Order Status GET method
B. Work Orders GET method
C. Work Order Status POST method
D. Work Orders PATCH method
E. Resource transaction POST method
F. Resource transaction GET method 
Answer: A,B,D,E

Question: 5


In a manufacturing plant, the work definition and rate plans of Material, Resource, and Overhead of an assembly have been defined as required.

A cost accountant created different scenarios to represent different manufacturing and cost assumptions and compare the results. When the cost assumptions are finalized, the cost accountant is expected to publish the cost scenario to cost accounting.

Identify three process steps that the cost accountant has to perform to transfer the assembly to cost accounting in frozen type.

A. Publish cost planning scenario to Accounting.
B. Build cost planning scenario and perform cost roll up.
C. Create Accounting Distributions.
D. Transfer transactions from production to Costing.
E. Define a cost planning scenario with Material, Resource, Overhead cost plans, and work definition.
F. Transfer Transactions from Inventory to Costing.
Answer: C,E,F

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