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We have welcomed you to visit our official website to get an honest review of the new and trending software before purchasing. Today we are going to describe a review of Synthesys software. This software is based on hi-tech technology.

You can generate text-to-image, text-to-human, and text-to-voice using this software. Stay with us to the last point to get a deep knowledge about this software.

Synthesys Review
Synthesys Review
Product Synthesys
Seller Oliver Goodwin
Release Date 11 Aug 2023
Price $47.60
Bonus Yes
Guarantee 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommended Highly

Introduction: Synthesys Software

Synthesys is a 100% cloud-based online platform that is used to convert text to voice, text to image, and text to human within a few seconds. This can happen only because of AI technology. Synthesys is a modern and future-based online platform.

Synthesys can be a game changer for a business and company. Synthesys is the world’s first software that can convert text into images and voice. This will reduce the excessive expenses of a company and business that will result to increase the profit of a business. Synthesys software provides real value of your money.

This platform is fully time and money-saving. Synthesys software offers its users a commercial license so they may charge clients what they want for their services and simply turn a profit.

What are the features of Synthesys software?

We are going to describe some stunning and attractive features of Synthesys software. Look at the following

1. Synthesys Text-To-Voice

Synthesys provide you the most hi-tech feature called a Text-To-Voice converter. You can easily create the most lifelike text-to-voice you’ve ever heard by using Real Human Voices.

2. Synthesys Text-To-AI Human

Employs accurate lip-synching technology with genuine human models… A full VIDEO builder is also included in the AI Text-to-Human, allowing you to make videos from start with AI Humans in them.

3. Synthesys Text-To-Image

This is the most attractive and amazing feature of Synthesys. You will not ever hear about this feature of Synthesys software. This is based on the latest technology, you can easily convert a text into image using this software.

4. Commercial License

Synthesys AI platform provides each user a commercial license so that they can offer the service to the clients at the asking price they want. So it is helpful to earn profit.

5. Easy to use

There is no need of any coding skill and experience to access this software. A common person can easily access this software. Synthesys is easy to handle and use.

Where can we use Synthesys Text-To-Voice feature?

Look at the following points where you can use Text-To-Voice feature of Synthesys software

1. Audiobook and Podcast Production

It is perfect for creating audiobooks or podcasts because it can quickly transform written content into audio format. The system automates narration, saving time and money spent on hiring voice actors or recording studios.

It makes it possible for content makers to reach a larger audience and allows for quicker content generation.

2. Language Localization

Produce speech that can be translated into several languages. By translating written content for e-learning courses, multimedia presentations, or instructional materials into translated audio, you can assist businesses and organizations in expanding into new markets.

3. Voice Overs for Media

Create voiceovers for a variety of media, such as video games, animations, and advertising. It does away with the requirement to hire voice actors, cutting expenses and speeding up the production process.

Where can we use Synthesys Text-To-Human feature?

You can use Synthesys software Text-To-Human feature for multipurpose work and place. Check below the some places where we can use this software

1. Virtual Customer Support

Create virtual customer service agents who can assist and respond to customers’ questions through voice or chat conversations.

They can deal with common or commonly requested questions, freeing up human customer service representatives to concentrate on more complicated or specialized problems.

2. Sales And Marketing

Utilize Synthesys AI Humans in your sales and marketing campaigns to make personalized product suggestions, run virtual product demonstrations, and provide details on deals and promotions.

They may interact with customers, learn about their preferences, and assist them in making purchases, all of which could lead to higher sales conversion rates.

3. Brand Ambassadors And Influencers

It is possible to create human AI representatives who represent particular identities or brand advocates. In a variety of marketing initiatives, such as social media campaigns, influencer marketing, and online commercials, they might represent a company or a product. This eliminates the need to work with celebrities or outside influencers.

Watch Demo Video: How does Synthesys software works?

We are here to provide a demo video through which you can know in full detail about Synthesys software. Watch below the following demo video

Amazing Bonus ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Synthesys software provide some amazing bonuses that will be to the user FREE๐ŸŽ who purchase or buy Synthesys software plan through our referral link or page link. Look at the following

Bonus #1: ShortTracz (Value $297)

Synthesys Bonus

You can generate redirect links using your own domain with this robust link shortener tool.

The majority of email service providers advise using links from your own domain to improve your sender reputation and raise clickthrough rates.

Bonus #2: High Paying Clients (Value: $197)

Synthesys Bonus

This tried-and-true cheat sheet will show you what to do to close high-ticket clients without squandering your valuable time on unqualified leads.

Bonus #3: 150+ Free Online Marketing Tools (Value: $97)

Synthesys Bonus

Numerous free web marketing tools are available, but none of them are worth the time it takes to examine them.

As a result, we have individually assembled a list of 150+ FREE Online Marketing Tools that will enable you to grow your company.

Bonus #4: Personal Branding Secrets In 2023 (Value: $197)

Synthesys Bonus

You have the option to alter your business practices thanks to your own brand. Don’t let many opportunities pass you by.

This tutorial will teach you how to develop your personal brand.

Bonus #5: 400+ Power Words (Value $47)

Synthesys Bonus

Power words inspire others to take action! They’ll click, share, purchase, and even become moved by things!

Use this list of 400+ power words to attract customers to your sales page, headline, or advertisement and boost your revenue!

Bonus #6: Influencer Scripts (Value: $67)

Synthesys Bonus

We spoke with hundreds of marketing professionals in order to develop a list of unique scripts for writing engaging content.

Every script was built through direct dialogue with these professionals, and some extremely powerful marketers saw and used the content we produced.

Bonus #7: Facebook Ads Video Training Course (Value: $297)

Synthesys Bonus

For your company, Facebook ads can be extremely beneficial. However, if the adverts are not done properly, one could lose a lot of money.

This video training course will teach you how to correctly set up your Facebook advertisements, get information on what your audience wants, approach them effectively, build ads.

Synthesys Plans And Their Prices

We are here to provide you the best plan of Synthesys software and their prices that are based on the features included by them. Check below the following

1. Synthesys AI Studio KickStart Plan


  • 12 Ultra Life-like voices
  • 140 languages + 370 Voices
  • Voice Minutes
  • 30 Minutes/month
  • Voice Settings (ALL)
  • Multi-Voice Functionality
  • Commercial License
  • 50 Generations/month
  • (approx.200 images)
  • Video Minutes
  • 30 Minutes/month
  • 30 Humatars
  • 6 Scenes Per Video
  • 10 Ultra Life-like Voices
  • Speed & Pitch Control
  • Upload Images/ Videos
  • Video Editor

Regular Price: $97

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Synthesys Plan

2. Synthesys AI Studio Max Bundle Plan


  • Unlimited Voice Minutes
  • (2hrs/day max- Fair Usage)
  • Voice Settings (ALL)
  • Emotive Texts (ALL)
  • Multi-Voice Functionality
  • Commercial License
  • AI Script Assistant
  • All Upcoming Voices
  • Unlimited Generations
  • Image Models
  • Remove Object
  • Ultra HD
  • InPainting
  • FaceSwap
  • Remove Video Background
  • Remove Image Background
  • Synthesys X
  • AI Prompt Assistant
  • Unlimited Video Minutes
  • (2hrs/day max- Fair Usage)
  • 76 Humatars
  • 12 Scenes Per Video
  • 115 Ultra Life-like Voices
  • Speed & Pitch Control
  • Upload Voice
  • Upload Images/ Videos
  • Video Editor
  • Commercial License
  • 140 languages + 370 Voices
  • Full HD Video
  • FaceSwap
  • AI Script Assistant
  • Upcoming Humatars

Regular Price: $944/Anually

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Synthesys Plan
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