Glorious – Glorious Mouse and its Models

Glorious – Glorious Mouse and its Models

Glorious Mouse

Glorious Gaming Mouse is famous for providing PC Gaming accessories built for high-level performance, premium quality as well as affordability. The company has a firm belief that purchasing gaming gear should not be complicated. All the Glorious products are made with a focus on function, form, and aesthetics. Glorious has had a pretty successful streak of gaming mice launches, and if you are in the market for a lightweight mouse, chances are one of Glorious three models is for you. 
Every Glorious product is kept at the forefront of technology without a need to offer a puzzling number of options. The dedicated DPI indicator of the Glorious Model O can be set to any value and color you choose, so you always know your value when adjusting on the fly. The Model O feels well-built and is comfortable enough for marathon gaming sessions. 

Glorious Models

Glorious mouse focuses on three models having two options for each:
Glorious Model O is a lightweight mouse that is made for dual-hand gamers, and wired or wireless. The Model O is for medium to large hands, whereas the Model O- (minus) is for medium to small hands.
Glorious Model I come as a wired mouse having two customizable thumb buttons and nine programmable buttons.
Glorious Model D comes as both wired and wireless. It is a lightweight mouse that offers a comfortable grip and RGB lighting.

Wired vs. Wireless Glorious Mouse

The connection technique of your mouse is a matter of preference; however most gamers go for the wired ones. There is a strong belief that a wired mouse is superior to a wireless mouse. Two Glorious mouse models are available in both wired and wireless versions. These cable-free mice connect to your computer or gaming console through a 2.4-gigahertz receiver, intensely reducing input lag. Glorious Model O has the lowest wireless latency of any mouse in its class.

RGB Lighting

The bright and customizable effects are found in all the computer components. All three models of Glorious Mouse have RGB lighting that serves as a color trim for added personality.

Battery Life

The battery life is an essential aspect of a wireless mouse. A high-quality wireless mouse should be able to last a few hours before demanding a power boost. Both of the wireless models from Glorious have a battery life of about 70 hours and the best thing is that you can still use the mice while charging through a USB cable. 

Multiple Buttons

A good-quality mouse has some extra buttons on the side along with the two on top and the scroll wheel’s click action. Furthermore, Glorious Model I has two magnetic buttons that you can swap out for different shapes. 


With a Glorious mouse you can make several additions to your gaming collection.  Moreover, many gamers struggle with mouse drag from a wired mouse cable. A small support lifts the wire from the desk and gives the wired mouse a wireless feeling.

Glorious Model O

The Glorious Model O is an excellent ultra-light gaming mouse that is very well-built with a honeycomb-pattern design that places it among the lightest mice. This model is wired only that comes with an outstanding lightweight and flexible cable. The mouse has a total of six buttons, counting two on the side, and all of them are easily programmable within the companion software.
The performance of the sensor is extremely accurate and consistent, and the mouse has a wide CPI range. In addition to this, Model O has excellent click latency and a very comfortable ambidextrous design suitable for any grip style. The Model O is a great choice for FPS games. The mouse gives great performance with great DPI settings, low click latency, and an adjustable polling rate. This model is perfectly built and comfortable enough for marathon gaming sessions.
The Model O is users' pick for the best gaming mouse on the market. Its design combines a range of modern trends, a weight-saving honeycomb design, RGB lighting, a flexible shoelace cable, and a modern PMW 3360 optical sensor. 

Glorious Model O

The Glorious Model O- keeps your cable from twisting and eliminates cable drag. This is the lightest mouse with a weight of 2 ounces only. It has customizable buttons with RGB lighting effects. The Mouse Bungee is a great accessory for better cable management and is compatible with all wired mice. The mouse has a spring-loaded arm that helps adjust height and rubber grips for different cable thicknesses.

Difference between Glorious Model O and Model O

The Model O- is slightly better for ultra-light gaming as compared to the Model O, however, both are very similar. The Model O- is a better choice for smaller hands because it is lighter, whereas the Model O is more comfortable. After all, it is bigger.

Glorious Model D

The Glorious Model D is an excellent gaming mouse that is designed to be as light as possible. This mouse is more ergonomic version and performs very well. It is very comfortable to use and is better suited for palm or claw grips. The honeycomb pattern design of this model makes it very lightweight, its feet glide smoothly, and it comes with additional skates. The Model D features RGB lighting and you can also customize it with presets inside its software.

Best Glorious Mouse

The lightweight Glorious Model D mouse has a honeycomb design that lets more RGB lighting through, and enables you to see the internal components. The mouse comes with a perfect size for large to medium hands and is built for control, speed, and comfort. It has a maximum DPI of 12,000 and also has mechanical switches in the buttons. The Model D uses the ultra-flexible Ascended USB cable.

Glorious Model I

Glorious has announced the lightweight wired Model I that is comfortable and capable. The latest model is made for medium-to-large hands and feels a little more ergonomic in the palm due to a thumb rest that widens the footprint of its bottom. Furthermore, it features three thumb buttons nestled up against a semi-translucent strip where RGB LEDs shine through. There is a DPI clutch below the row of buttons. The thumb button and DPI clutch attach magnetically to the mouse and can be swapped.
The Model I come with four additional buttons that help you find the right feel for your taste. This is the most feature-rich lightweight glorious mouse with nine programmable buttons along with two customizable magnetic thumb buttons that put you in control. It comes with a highly-comfortable ergonomic shape and weighs 69 g only.

Features of Glorious Mice

The Honeycomb Shell by glorious is the main element to achieve a feather-light weight while maintaining its ultra-durable strength. You b barely feel the holes during gameplay, however, they provide ventilation to keep your palms cool and fresh. The cleaning of Glorious Model O is easy that only needs an air canister.
Everybody knows that stock cables suck so the Glorious models say goodbye it to 3rd party mods, and introduce the Ascended Cord. The Model O uses an exclusive braided cable that is lightweight and ultra-flexible. The cable gives your mouse an almost wireless feel. To provide a maximum lifespan, this gaming mouse comes in 0.81mm thickness.
When we talk about the optional software, Glorious has selected a straightforward route that allows feather light simplicity of the mouse to speak for itself. It became easy to navigate and has the option to create profiles. The macros can be set easily and there are two lighting zones and a few fancy light shows that include Rave mode. 

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