Gojek Clone App is the Future of On-Demand Apps

Gojek Clone App is the Future of On-Demand Apps
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16 September 2022

Gojek Clone app is a multi-service app. And multi-service apps are the future! Why? Well, the primary reason is that it has 82+ on-demand services. Who wouldn’t want to install a single app and enjoy booking multiple services from one platform? In this blog, we will explore the many reasons why this on-demand multi-service app is the future! 

Let’s begin! 

Gojek Clone App is the Future of On-Demand Apps

Gojek Clone App Is the Future of On-demand Industry 

Here are some reasons why this super-app is the future of the on-demand service industry. The reasons include advanced features, futuristic services, and market-leading technologies. 

Advanced Features

Following are the advanced features pre-integrated into the application. 

1. Video calling option with taxi or delivery driver 

Along with the VOIP-based video calling and instant chatting feature, customers and providers can communicate on video calls well. The app feature will come in handy anytime a customer or service provider likes to discuss something more precisely. 

2. Login with biometric authentication 

The Gojek Clone app users can now log in with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning. iPhone users can log in with Face ID, whereas Android users can use Fingerprint Scanners. Biometric authentication allows the users to log in hassle-free because they don’t have to log in with a username and password. The customers don’t have to remember the credentials while logging in. 

3. Online payment with wallet transfer 

Customers can now pay online even without a credit card. YES! Customers and providers using the multi-service can transfer money from wallet to wallet. The wallet balance needs to be topped up if it doesn't have a sufficient balance for payment. 

One can check the wallet balance before making a payment. Isn’t this a much easier and better way to transact compared to carrying cash or paying via credit cards? 

Futuristic Services

Along with multiple features, the app also pre-integrates stunning services like: 

1. Online video consultation 

Online video consultation is a service where customers can connect with lawyers, astrologers, tutors, yoga instructors, etc., on a video call. Yes, consultation on a video call is now possible because of the  Gojek Clone app

One can book an immediate consultation session or schedule it depending on their preferred date and time. 

2. Service Bidding 

Customers can bid for handyman services virtually on the application. All thanks to the tech advancements! Bidding takes place in real-time so that customers can hire a handyman fast, and within a budget. 

Here, customers first need to post the job details on the app. As soon as the task is posted, handymen from the selected sub-category are sent the notification. Now, the handymen can accept, decline, or make an offer. 

Gojek Clone App is the Future of On-Demand Apps

Market-leading Technologies 

The multi-service app is the future of the on-demand industry because it is made with the latest technology stack. One of the most wonderful perks of the latest technology of the Gojek Clone app are: 

  • Tackle the complexity of your project 
  • Provide the required specifications and functionalities to your project 
  • Give it a fast speed 
  • Provide scalability 
  • Meet the project timeline 
  • Maintain the security and privacy of the app 

Here is the technology stack of a Gojek-like app: 

  • Web: HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap 
  • Native iOS: Object-C, Swift 
  • Database: MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB
  • Server technologies: PHP, Node.Js, Socket Cluster 
  • Cloud: Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS
  • Native Android: Java, NDK, Kotlin 

In Conclusion: 

Summing up the blog, let me tell you another reason to invest in the Gojek Clone app - it is the most affordable app solution! More and more entrepreneurs are investing in the business solution while those who already have, are now billionaires and billionaires! 

So, take the right decision today and invest in the on-demand multi-service app without wasting another minute!

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