Good Reasons for Choosing Clear Aligners for Orthodontic Treatment

Good Reasons for Choosing Clear Aligners for Orthodontic Treatment

Are you dealing with improperly aligned teeth? Do you frequently cover your mouth when smiling because you feel self-conscious about it? However, the only orthodontic treatment that immediately springs to mind is a set of classic metal braces, which you strive to avoid getting because the metallic smile they give you could dull your overall look and your charisma. 

Thanks to the revolutionary orthodontic treatment known as clear aligners are therefore fantastic news for everyone who struggles with their confidence to smile. Considering people's reluctance to undergo treatment with metal braces due to all the uncertainties accompanying it, dental aligners like clear aligners are designed and manufactured.

In essence, teeth aligners are slender, transparent trays made of medical-grade thermoplastic that can be removed for eating, brushing, and other special activities. The transparent aligners given to patients are designed to gently and continuously move the teeth into their ideal positions.

With braces, wires are routed through holes in the metal or ceramic brackets attached to your teeth. In contrast to orthodontic aligners, the patient cannot take metal braces out at a whim. The wires apply a consistent, moderate force for the teeth to be positioned correctly. Even though tooth aligners are a successful alternative to conventional braces, many patients still question if they are better than metal ones.

Since there are several benefits to picking clear aligners during orthodontic treatment, we will cover them in this article.

What Does the Clear Aligner Treatment Entail?

Before exploring the practical benefits of clear aligners over metal braces, it is important to understand what the clear aligner treatment entails.

If you've already taken the plunge to undergo orthodontic treatment, your next step is to pick the best invisible aligners by researching the brands and consulting a certified orthodontist. The disorder and the complexity of the condition will be identified through an intraoral scan. Each individually created aligner is created using a unique treatment plan, which is why it is customized to suit the curve of your teeth properly. 

It is accomplished by utilizing 3D aligner technology, which can analyze the alignment of your teeth. The placement of teeth can be carried out carefully and gently with invisible aligners. If necessary, your teeth can move laterally, vertically, or even inverted using these aligners. Your teeth will realign over time, but how quickly depends on several variables. It may include how complicated your treatment is, how frequently you wear your aligners, how your jaw is shaped, how healthy your gums are, and even what you eat. 

There needs to be a specific, clear aligner treatment protocol that anybody can follow. With the latest aligner technology, a time-lapse series of 3D photos offering you an illustrated glimpse of your teeth's activities for smile correction is also possible.

Why Pick Clear Aligners Rather Than Metal Braces?

Compared to traditional braces, clear aligners are an effective substitute that provides numerous perks, particularly for teens and adults. So, the following are some of the top benefits of selecting invisible aligners over metal braces:

  • The visibility factor

Invisible aligners are completely undetectable, hiding that someone is undergoing orthodontic treatment, which may publicly humiliate some grown-ups. Patients in their teens or adults go for clear aligners for the same reasons. 

Unlike most brackets and wires, clear aligners maintain a person's smile without making them look uncomfortable. They are not as prominent as metal braces since they are composed of a clear polymer substance. The casual onlooker might not even detect them at all.

  • The comfort and usability factor

Your mouth cavity's soft tissue is susceptible to grazing from metal braces. If not properly clipped, braces and lengthy wires can irritate the inside of your mouth and perhaps result in ulcers. Since they don't have any jagged edges, clear aligners are more comfortable and convenient to use.

  • Zero food limitations

You can keep consuming your favorite meals when you use clear aligners to fix your teeth's alignment issues. Do Invisalign better than braces is a question that is easily answered because they can be removed and do not irritate your teeth or give you the impression that stress is being applied consistently. Those wearing braces must follow a rigorous diet and limitations to prevent breaking wires and brackets.

  • Maintain good care of oral health

Being able to remove clear aligners makes it simple to follow good oral hygiene practices. In contrast to braces, which require rigorous cleaning around the brackets, you can effortlessly brush your teeth. Food becomes caught in difficult-to-reach places of the mouth when you have braces. Ignoring your oral health can lead to cavities and other oral health problems because the bacteria on your teeth eat sugary food.

  • The removability factor

Unlike traditional braces, you can easily take out your clear aligners while eating and brushing your teeth. You should be reassured if you always feel obligated on your teeth when chewing. The ease of taking them out while you take care of your oral hygiene, indulge in your favorite meal, and aren't concerned about your braces pinching your mouth.

  • Modern technology used for impression screening

You will feel minimal to no discomfort thanks to impression-less scanning, which is also clinically effective. It can be done with clear aligners. Every orthodontist and wearer greatly appreciates the advantage and comfort of impression-less scanning, which shortens the time you have to wait in the dentist's chair with mouth extenders and putty in your mouth. A 3D scan is performed at the beginning of your treatment to show us the before and after results. The clear aligner treatment is designed and carried out digitally. It aids the orthodontist in correctly planning and carrying out treatment.

  • Extra versatile

Using braces and other orthodontic tools for some complex malocclusions might still be required. The movement of some teeth can be more accurately controlled than others because of advancements like the power ridges incorporated to clear aligners. As a result, there are many more instances of bad bites when clear aligners can be used effectively.

  • Fewer orthodontist visits are needed.

Relative to traditional braces, you need fewer dental appointments. While new mounts must be changed as time goes on and loose ends must be tightened on existing braces, aligners eliminate this necessity for frequent visits to the orthodontist.

  • Shorter duration

Compared to traditional braces, the Invisalign treatment period is typically shorter. With clear aligners, you can achieve the desired aligned appearance of your teeth in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Final Thoughts

Following researching this topic, you may confidently respond that clear aligners are superior to braces. In addition to being practical and comfortable, aligners do not jeopardize your oral hygiene in favor of being more minimal. 

Accordingly, the cost of teeth aligners in India ranges from INR 30k to INR 85k, depending on your malocclusions. Consider Illusion Aligners as a brand if you're thinking about having aligners to get that beautiful smile. It has cutting-edge technologies and provides individualized solutions.

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