Google Pixel 6 Pro - GREAT NEWS

Google Pixel 6 Pro - GREAT NEWS
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18 October 2021

With less than 24 hours away from the  launch event of the most important Pixel   phone in Google's smartphone history, we have some  final pieces of the puzzle including the US and   UK pricing of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and it's  great news, as well as some pre-order deals.   But first, let's talk about the price.

We already  have the European prices for both the Pixel 6   handsets and it's 649 Euros for the Pixel 6 and  899 for the Pixel 6 Pro. Now, everyone expected   that the US pricing is going to be much  higher because the US variants have mm-wave   bands and also because Google usually prices  their handset higher in the US than in Europe. But   turns out that is not going to be the  case with the Pixel 6 handsets.

This gentleman found price tags on empty shelves  awaiting the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro during a trip   to Target and they reveal the Pixel 6 will  be priced at just $599 in the United States   which is even less than last year's $700  Pixel 5 which had a midrange chipset.   The Pixel 6 Pro on the other hand will be just  $899. This is for the 128GB variant. These prices   are confirmed by another leak that comes from  Target listings that appear to be genuine.

  Now the Galaxy S21 Ultra was launched at $1200  in the US while the iPhone 13 Pro Max was at   $1100. So with $900, Google is trying to  undercut their competitors significantly   and if these prices are indeed what Google reveals  at the launch event then it wouldn't take long   for the Pixel 6 to become a massive hit and have  sales numbers in the range of Samsung's best, the   Galaxy S lineup considering Google also has kept  a massive marketing budget for the handset.  

Anyway, it seems the use of Tensor chip  may have slashed costs to make these prices   happen. And even after that, I think Google  is either losing money or making very small   profits. But like I've said, the Pixel 6 is  the most important handset in Google's history   because for the first time Google actually wants  to compete in the smartphone industry and that's   why they are resolved to push these phones harder  than any other phone they have released — even if   they lose money doing so. And by the way here  are the pricing for the United Kingdom.  

Now as for the pre-order deals, Target will offer  a pre-order deal for those who are interested in   the Pixel Buds. Buyers who purchase the Pixel 6 or  6 Pro and the Pixel Buds A-Series as a bundle will   save $99, essentially giving them the earbuds for  free. Of course, Target won’t be the only store   offering the deals, Google Pixel 6 Pro - GREAT NEWSa German retailer would give  free Bose Headphones 700, usually worth $380.   Also, we have an unboxing video of the Pixel 6  which was uploaded to TikTok by this user. It's   the Sorta Seafoam color variant and it looks like  the phone will ship with a cable and USB-C adapter   but no charger as previous rumors suggested.

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