Google Pixel 6 Pro - The Next Level!

Google Pixel 6 Pro - The Next Level!
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16 July 2021

Over the years, smartphone companies have worked hard to give consumers the optimal user experience, and part of this is in the field of photography. Improvements in camera sensors have led to increased resolution sizes for photographs, along with low-light performance gains and optical image stabilization.

The smartphone camera has also focused heavily on computational photography, where onboard algorithms and potentially the use of multiple camera sensors can produce a far more detailed or better image than a single camera could on its own. Google is the one who mastered computational photography.

However, they lag behind the competition in versatility, especially in the zoom department. While an ultra-wide-angle lens is a nice inclusion to the Pixel 5, its utility is lost when you want to punch in and unveil details you would ordinarily miss when taking a photo. That's where Zoom cameras come in handy. However, the competition is already offering periscope zoom cameras, so if Google opts for a normal telephoto camera then they will still lack behind companies in the camera department.

But thankfully that's not going to happen because Google themselves sort of confirmed that the Pixel 6 Pro will come with a 5x Periscope zoom camera. According to XDA Developers, the new Google Camera update includes references to an "ultra tele" zoom toggle with a "real" optical zoom level of 5X.

Google uses their Super Res Zoom technology to enable better zoom images, and the Pixel 4 combined this with a 2X telephoto sensor to deliver Super Res Zoom all the way to 8X.

So just imagine what Google could provide with the combination of a dedicated 5X periscope zoom camera hardware plus the excellent Super Res Zoom post-processing on the Pixel 6 Pro.

Anyway, Pixel 6 and Pro aren't the only devices scheduled to launch this year. Google could also unveil their foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold along with the Pixel 6. We have some new information about the handset. According to a reputed Korean media, the Elec, the Google Fold, or whatever Google end up calling it will have a 7.6" in folding display similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Samsung will provide the displays to Google. Also, Google will be the only company apart from Samsung themselves to use the Ultra-thin Glass on the Pixel Fold.

Google entering the foldable genre is good news for everyone because If two of the biggest names in the world of smartphones – Samsung and Google have folding phones out there, more casual users will be tempted to give foldables a try and more competitor brands will be just as tempted to enter the foldable smartphone market. The added competition will likely help lower the overall cost of folding screen technology, thus leading to more affordable foldable phones.

So pretty happy with how Google is taking their smartphone business seriously this time. With Huawei out of the picture, Samsung has found itself in a position where they don't have a real competitor in the Android space and we all know why that's not a good thing but thankfully it looks like Google is finally ready to fill Huawei's void.

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