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Before the Pixel 7 Pro launch event, everyone  and even their dogs knew that Google is expected   to offer a very minimal hardware upgrade with  the Pixel 7 lineup. An upgrade so small that even   Apple would feel ashamed who were notoriously known for offering minimal upgrades year after   year. But a lot of us knew that Google is less  about hardware and more about software.

After   the launch event, the hype for the Pixel 7 Pro is more than ever because turning out the Pixel 7 Pro   is the Pixel 6 Pro that we truly never got. This is especially true with the camera. You see   people keep telling that iPhones have the best video camera. And with my experience with the   iPhone 14 Pro Max, that is absolutely true.  You can easily tell that it's better than the   S22 Ultra's video recording.

Right now, it seems,   Google is giving Apple a run for its money. A YouTuber named Michael secret has got access   to the Pixel 7 Pro early, and he's been  testing out the camera of the handset.   And honestly, it's really impressive what  Google has managed to achieve in just a   year with just their software magic.

First of all, switching between the lenses   is smooth as ever, almost like the iPhones.  And quite impressed with the super res zoom   quality. It takes a second or so to kick in, but  when it does, it creates that Google magic to   turn a blurry video into a super sharp one.  And as you can see, Google just nailed the   HDR and the colors. Even when he is moving,  it doesn't shift colors which the 14 Pro Max   does it sometimes. And

And not just the camera, it seems Google has also  nailed the Pixel 7 Pro with its battery life.   This user Danny Silvester has also got the phone  early and he's been testing out the battery life,   he charged his battery at 07:30 in the morning  and he's been recording 4K 60fps videos, photos,   playing Kenshin impact a heavy graphic intensive  game, and general usage. And after 07:50   pm over 12 hours later, the phone still has 49%  charge which is impressive. I would say it's on   par with the S22 Ultra. The Pixel 6 Pro doesn't  have a great battery life so it seems Google   has nailed the optimization part as well.

By the way, he also mentions that while playing   genshin impact, the phone doesn't heat up. In  fact, he says the phone doesn't heat up at all   during his full day of usage which is surprising  because it's Samsung who's manufacturing these   chipsets. Anyway, although Google didn't say  how bright the screen is he mentions that the   display is easily visible in direct sunlight.  I'm sure it's not 2000 nits like the 14 Pro Max   but it should be somewhere in the range of 1500  nits. He also uploaded some picture samples and   the zoom quality is as good as the S22 Ultra. Considering that the Pixel 7 Pro is $300 cheaper   than Samsung and Apple's best, and it's going  toe to toe with their latest flagships and even   doing better in some cases is a big win  for Google, for the general consumers,   and for the future of the Pixel lineup. 



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