Google Pixel 7 Pro - TOP 5 NEW FEATURES

Google Pixel 7 Pro - TOP 5 NEW FEATURES
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Google has finally made the Pixel 7 Pro official. There are a few hardware tweaks and updates here and there, but mostly, the Pixel 7 Pro is all about software. So let's take a look at the top 5 features of the handset.

 Pixel 7 Pro can unblur all your old pictures

Last year, Google introduced Face Unblur which as the name suggests can automatically sharpen blurry faces on human subjects. Basically, the phone can capture two photos at the same time: a long exposure from the primary camera, and a shorter one from the ultrawide. And if it detects that you have taken a photo with a blurry face, it just uses the face from the shorter exposure taken by the ultrawide sensor into the rest of the photo that was taken by the primary sensor.

Now Google is taking this photo unblur thing to a new level. Instead of just deblurring the face, it can now fix the whole image. Google Pixel 7 Pro - TOP 5 NEW FEATURESAnd most importantly, with the Pixel 7 Pro, you can now deblur the photos you’d taken in the past. All you need to do is use Google photos and photo unblur. Google also said that this will be exclusive to Pixel 7 for some time, but will be available to everyone who uses Google photos.

Cinematic blur

Unlike most DLSRs, smartphones have a tiny sensor that doesn’t allow for that professional shallow depth of field that gives any video a cinematic quality. That's where software and AI come in handy. The Pixel 7 Pro uses AI to blur the background in a video for that cinematic look. But the thing is cinematic mode is not always perfect. If an object moves too suddenly, the camera will lose focus and break the illusion of a blurry background.

Face unlock to save you from the sluggish fingerprint scanner

The Pixel 7 Pro also has a face unlock option now. But Google says that this is only for unlocking the phone. Even though it uses the front camera and machine learning, it's still not safe to use for banking and payment apps as it's not a 3D scanner like the one on the iPhones. But still, a good alternative to the sluggish fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 6.

Macro focus and upgraded cameras

Another new camera feature is the macro focus. As the name suggests, you can now take close-up macro photos and this feature uses the upgraded 21% wider ultrawide angle lens. Google Pixel 7 Pro - TOP 5 NEW FEATURESSpeaking of the camera, Google has also increased the telephoto zoom range on the Pixel 7 Pro from 4x to 5x. You can also do a 30x hybrid zoom. Google has also improved speech recognition in video recordings reducing background noise which uses the new tensor chipset.

All the pixel software goodies

Pixel 7 Pro retains all the existing features from the Pixel 6 such as the magic eraser, motion mode, real tone, live translator, and interpreter, long software support to be specific 5 years of security updates, and 3 years of operating system updates. Out of all mainstream flagships, the Pixel 7 Pro is priced very competitively at $899. $300 less than the competition.

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