Group insurance and other insurances

Group insurance and other insurances
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Group insurance and other insurances

You can have group insurance through your job or association. Find out more about which personal insurance you have and which you may need for you and your family.

Find the right insurance - group insurance or other insurances


Group insurance via work or association

Does your employer, your union, or your association have a group agreement with us? Then you can choose which insurance suits you and your family at a low cost. Log in and see your insurance policies or apply for more.

Other insurance through work

You can have other personal insurance through your job with us, such as e.g. occupational pension or health insurance. Log in to see your insurance.

Do you lack insurance through your job?

Then our private personal insurance can be an alternative. Find the right insurance for you!

Group insurance for you and your family

Group insurance can protect you and your family financially if the unexpected happens. In addition, everyone with group insurance with us gets call support free of charge.

Group insurance in 1 minute: here you can see how it works. 

Call support free of charge with Thousand questions - One number.

This is how voluntary group insurance works

You've probably insured your home, but what happens if you or your family suffer an illness, accident, or death? Insure yourself and your family today.

Group insurance means that your employer, your union, or your association has signed a group agreement with us. You then choose which insurance policies suit you and your family (husband, partner, registered partner, and children) at a low cost that you pay yourself. Read more about group insurance. Who Can I Add To My Health Insurance?

  • Extra financial security and protection for you and your family
  • Simple health requirements
  • Low cost

Frequently asked questions about group insurance

Should something unforeseen happen, society provides basic insurance coverage. In addition, if you have group insurance through your employer, association or your association, you can protect yourself and your family financially - at a low cost. 

You get answers to most of your questions by logging in to My Group insurances. You can e.g.

  • get an overview of your insurance
  • read about how they work
  • apply for more and co-insure your spouse or partner
  • see price and monthly cost
  • make changes
  • apply for direct debit
  • see compensation amount
  • read the terms and conditions
  • You apply easily by logging in to My Group insurances. You can do so if your employer, your union, or your association has a group agreement with us.

    My group insurances

    When you log in to My Group insurances, you get a good overview and answers to most of your questions. You can e.g. 

    • apply for new insurance, see the price, and change the insurance amount on the existing insurance
    • co-insure a spouse or partner, if the group agreement allows it
    • see other insurance policies that can be taken out in the group agreement

    You who have not yet taken out any group insurance need to fill in the agreement number and control code to apply for insurance. If you have not received the information from your employer/union, you can contact us. If your company has its own group insurance website, you will find the application there instead.

  • It is called reservation connection and is a form of connection applied to voluntary group insurance. The connection form means that new employees or new members of an association/association will be automatically connected to insurance through reservation connection in connection with the first day of employment or membership.

    You who are a new employee or a new member are registered with Skandia by your employer or association/union as a benefit. It is a benefit because the only requirement is that you are fully able to work, so you do not need to submit a health declaration, which is normally required.

    You can cancel the insurance whenever you want. If you want to cancel one or more of the policies, do as follows: Log in to My Group policies. Under the heading, Underwritten policies - select the policy you want to cancel - select Change/read more - under the heading About insurance - select Cancel insurance - fill in the reason and select Cancel insurance.

  • Here you will find contact details and opening hours, 

    • Log in to My Group Insurance.
    • In the gray box in the upper right corner of the page, there is a button with the text Connect to direct debit. Click the button and follow the steps.

    The direct debit is then always drawn on the penultimate banking day of each month. If there is insufficient coverage on the account or if the direct debit withdrawal fails for some other reason, you will receive a premium notice instead.

    If you already pay via direct debit and want to change your account number, then you need to contact us,  and we will help you.

Popular products & services

Get help with preventive health measures and financial support if you or someone in the family should suffer an illness or accident.

Our most common group insurance policies

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance with Health insurance
  • Safety capital insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Child insurance
  • Health insurance
Choose the right insurance cover

Call support free of charge

A thousand questions - One number.

Problems in everyday life can eventually affect your health and ability to work. Get help, whether it's personal or work-related.


Is a free phone service for you with group insurance. 

  • Private questions
    You get help to sort out questions related to life stress - for example couple relationship problems, cooperation problems, stress, parenting, addiction, and grief.
  • Everyday priorities
    Many people today have a complex everyday life that creates stress. Through our new service Everyday Prioritization, you can get help planning and prioritizing your various activities. You get the opportunity to start a change to increase your well-being in a sustainable and long-term way.
  • Law and finance
    It may be about your rights, e.g. in connection with divorce or death. You can also get help with financial questions regarding debts, accommodation, etc
  • Health, diet, and exercise
    You receive proactive health support, e.g. around physical activity and dietary advice. You can also call with questions related to illness and rehabilitation.

When you have told us what you want help with, we will call you

  • You will be put in touch with an expert from our network of lawyers, economists, psychologists, health educators, and nutritional advisors for an initial conversation.  
  • If you need more calls, you can receive 1 or 2 follow-up calls. 
  • If you need more help, for example with legal documents or receive some treatment, the expert can help you further.

Of course, our partners have a duty of confidentiality, regardless of whether it is about private or work-related matters. 

This is how you seek care

Do you have health insurance or health insurance? Then you can get quick help and care via Hälsoslussen. 

Log in & see My group insurance

See and read more about the insurances, get a clear overview, apply for more, and see the price when you log in with your BankID.


Tips for you with group insurance

Here you can find more good tips on insurance for you and your family.

Health insurance with health

Can give you up to 90% of your salary if you are on long-term sick leave. With us, preventive health insurance is also included. Get help before you get sick.

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