GTA V: What Are the Best GTA RP Servers in 2022?

GTA V: What Are the Best GTA RP Servers in 2022?

Over the years, roleplaying in GTA has grown in popularity, and fans appear to love both playing and watching others participate. For gamers to experience an alternative life in Los Santos, there are servers that have been expressly updated.

Players must first locate and connect to an RP server in order to play GTA V Roleplay. Although it may seem simple, it is anything but. Numerous new servers have been established throughout the world as a result of the RP genre's explosive increase in popularity.

All of these have been specifically designed to offer various experiences, but some stand out from the rest.

Best GTA RP Servers in 2022

List of the best GTA RP servers in 2022:

  • Eclipse RP
  • Mafia City
  • Eclipse RP
  • Project Homecoming


The key to GTA RP is immersion, and only a few servers can compete with the Eclipse servers in that regard. One of the greatest servers for players searching for a more engaging and enjoyable experience is this one.


In comparison to some of the original servers, Eclispse RP is still relatively new, yet it has grown immensely in popularity. These servers draw a large number of gamers from all around the world since they offer a variety of uncommon experiences.

There are some basic rules for Eclipse RP that must always be obeyed.

Players are also not permitted to pose as employees or engage in any type of advertising. Players may experience suspensions and bans from all Eclipse servers if they are found engaged in any of the aforementioned actions.

Mafia City

Mafia City is one of the most well-known variations of GTA RP, which comes in many different forms. These servers, which have enormous popularity and a strong player base, are renowned for offering fantastic RP experiences.

Players looking for a departure from the standard GTA content in terms of weapons should use these servers. Mafia City has a selection of diverse base game weaponry that are also fairly realistic. This server's customization and realism make a wonderful pair.

In order to provide players with a better experience moving forward, these servers also ask them to actively report defects.


One of the oldest GTA RP servers is NoPixel, which launched back in 2014. Therefore, they have probably had the longest to hone their craft.

Due to the long number of well-known streamers who use it, the server is one of the most well-known. Names like xQc, Lirik, summit1g, zerkaa, and others are on the list.

Additionally, the server forbids playing with meta and power.

Project Homecoming

In the eyes of GTA fans who have been waiting for the release of the 'cops and robbers' DLC for a very long time, Project Homecoming is a surefire winner. For PC gamers, this server makes use of the well-liked LSPDFR mod.

The mod makes it possible for the servers to seamlessly blend a GTA RP session with a police simulator. The server also allows users to bail themselves out of jail and mandates that they must stay dead for a full day if slain in order to promote realism.

The server allows players to do chores to progress their characters and utilize non-lethal ways whenever possible in order to promote greater roleplay.

How to Join GTA RP Servers in 2022

The popularity of GTA RP servers has increased significantly over the previous few years. This fresh perspective on the GTA universe and the role-playing element gives the game some much-needed energy.

It is understandable that so many brand-new GTA fans want to engage in RP but are perhaps unsure of how to do so. Hopefully, this essay may aid in educating a few more players.

One of the first things that players should be aware of is that most GTA RP servers will require players to create a Discord channel in order to participate in any GTA 5 role-playing activities. Depending on how exclusive a server is or how many players are allowed on it, there is typically an application process to join. Players will take a while to choose the ideal servers because there are so many to pick from.

There are many different ways that GT RP servers screen their players, thus whether someone is permitted onto a specific server will depend on their Discord application. After signing up for a Discord account, players can search for the servers they want to join (often using YouTube links) and submit an application there. A step-by-step tutorial for joining an RP server is provided below.

  • Create an account on Discord
  • Join the GTA RP server of your choice
  • Read the Discord thread's "how to join" page
  • Provide "role request" information prior to the interview
  • Successfully complete interview
  • Start with the training servers

Finally, when everything is said and done, hopefully, successful candidates can begin living their new lives in the game with a completely new set of parameters and experiences.

Find an 18+ RP server to join in on a brand-new life of crime with other like-minded gamers and troublemakers, or choose a career as a firefighter in Los Santos or one of the other emergency services to assist other players.

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