H1: MetaTrader: working principles of the trading platforms

H1: MetaTrader: working principles of the trading platforms
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25 November 2021

B2Trader, cTrader, OneZero, PrimeXM, and tens of other solutions – the number of Forex trading platforms is on the rise, and developers offer their clients a combination of experience and innovations. In the meantime, MetaTrader products are the most in-demand among Forex brokers. The statistics show that about 54% of all brokerage businesses use the 4th and 5th MT versions. What is the key reason for such high demand?

H2: A dive into the developer’s background

The MetaQuotes Software Corp. came into existence in 2000, offering complex solutions for FX trading. MetaTrader 4, released in 2005, is the fourth company’s product, and such a platform had become the corporation’s headliner, gaining popularity among both brokers and traders. Since then, a string of updates has been released to make MT 4 safe, secure, and compliant with up-to-date requirements.

The next platform version, MetaTrader 5, came into the light in 2010, and the awaited solution made it possible to trade both Forex and stock instruments. Although MT 5 has got a set of useful updates and brand new features, the 4th version of MetaTrader is still the most widespread platform among brokerage companies.

H2: What are the key features of the MetaTrader online trading platform?

The incredible popularity of MetaTrader platforms is explained by two main factors: those products combine convenience with ultimate functionality. What are the most notable functions of MT trading platforms?

  • Powerful trading system to match diverse strategies.

MT platforms comprise a wide range of trading instruments, including market and pending orders, Stop-Loss and Take-Profit instruments, Instant Execution option, etc. Traders access a flexible trading system to apply strategies of different complexity.

  • High-end analytics.

Professional traders understand that advanced analytics is half the success. MetaTrader platforms have a string of analytical instruments, technical indicators, interactive charts, and different timeframes to provide users with as many opportunities to predict price movements as possible.

  • Compatibility with different trading options.

Newcomer traders are frequently afraid of the Forex market, impressed by tons of stories about heavy losses. MT platforms empower beginners to deal with providers of trading signals to copy successful trades and get profits.

  • Compatibility with mobile devices.

Both MT4 and MT5 platforms are compatible with Android- and iOS-based smartphones. Users get the fullest access to trading orders and advanced analytical instruments.

  • Inbuilt MetaTrader Market.

The unique store of trading robots, widgets, and technical indicators is available for a trader. The purchase process is transparent and secure. On top of paid features, there are some free products and commercial solutions.

H2: Metatrader: how it works and which version matches your expectations?

The corporation offers two possible solutions for brokers and traders, and business owners need to resolve a dilemma which version is the best to implement. On the one hand, MT4 is the most popular solution that costs less, but MT5 is the next-level platform compatible with different financial instruments. What are the principal functional differences?

  1. Programming languages: MQL4 and MQL5. The 5th version of MetaTrader has an advanced test system to understand how useful advisers are.

  2. Timeframes. MT5 contains 21 timeframes (compared to 9 timeframes offered by the 4th version).

  3. Analytical indicators. MT5 includes 38 inbuilt indicators (MT4 has 30 tools) and empowers a trader to construct advisers and indicators through MetaEditor.

  4. Order types. MT5 adds new Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit orders.

  5. Markets. MT4 is a platform designed for the Forex market exceptionally, while the 5th version is compatible with multiple markets.

H2: Metatrader: how to use it in the crypto market?

The popularity of digital currencies gains momentum; this is why newcomer investors are looking for opportunities to enter the market effectively. MT platforms are compatible with the crypto market; meanwhile, beginner investors need to understand the key differences.

MetaTrader crypto trading platforms are implemented by brokers, and traders don’t buy or sell cryptocurrencies but make CFD contracts for underlying crypto assets. This is why a trader doesn’t become a holder. Furthermore, the array of trading pairs is limited enough.

MT trading platforms are developed for margin trading; this is why you cannot use such solutions for spot crypto trading. Brokers and traders need to understand both pros and cons of the MT platforms implementation for crypto trading.

H2: Ways to get a MetaTrader platform: license vs White Label solution

A trading platform is an inevitable step for every newcomer broker. Business owners face the necessity right after a company registration and getting a license. MetaTrader4 and 5 are the two most in-demand solutions that may boost your brokerage business by offering ultimate features for traders. On the other hand, such solutions are expensive enough, and $100 000 - $200 000 are frequently too much for a newcomer.

Should a trader forget about the top FX market platforms and find something cheaper? Fortunately, beginner brokers may get White Label MT platforms. What does it mean? A broker applies to a company that has already purchased a MetaTrader platform and uses its license. Such a cooperation model enables a business owner to get their own-branding and fully customized product that meets clients’ demands.

B2Broker offers business owners White Label MT4 and 5 solutions to save $200 000 or even more. Transparent prices, no hidden fees, complete integration and customization of the chosen platform, and 24/7 technical support – crowds of newer brokers choose this way as a perfect alternative for beginners.


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