Head to Head Comparison between HPTH vs. CVD

Head to Head Comparison between HPTH vs. CVD
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The people who want to know about HPHT and CVD must hear about the manufactured diamond. Those are the two different processes to make the diamond in the laboratory. In both methods, this is possible to find more pure and accurate diamonds. Still, people want to know Lab grown diamonds hpht and its proper comparison. I believe this is important before buying a diamond. However, let’s check the quick comparison today.

Comparison of HPHT vs. CVD

  • One of the vital differences between HPHT and CVD is their creation interaction or growth. For instance, HPHT diamonds grow in the cub octahedron shape and have 14 growth headings on the opposite the CVD diamonds grow in cubic and have just 1 growth bearing. Because of the creative manner difference, things can often be different in the final output.
  • We must say about the color if we need to talk about HPHT vs. CVD. Both of them do not produce the same shade of the diamond. HPHT technique diamonds are more yellowish and tannish shading while the CVD strategies diamond is colorless. But is true that people can define color before production. However, we are talking about the default feature of those diamonds here.
  • The production cost of both of the diamonds is not similar. In general, the HPHT strategy is costly as the energy and hardware arrive in a pricy reach. The CVD technique is more affordable because it works at moderate temperature and low tension. Then again, CVD is more primitive. On compare the HPTH newer than CVD. This is the reason the CVD becomes more polished and accepted.
  • People have a lot of interest in the technique. The HPHT technique is the first strategy that was presented sometime in the past, and the CVD technique is the most recent one that was introduced later the HPHT strategy. In more detail, the HPT is dependent on high pressure and temperature. On the other hand, CVD depends on chemical reactions.

After everything, there are some similarities also. Such as both of the diamonds have similar chemical bonding. Even there is no physical difference between them. No matter which type of diamond you are going to choose, you must check the 4C condition of the diamond. Because this is the fundamental thing to choose a good diamond, I hope you will follow all those things and soon you will be able to find a proper pair of diamonds to celebrate your engagement.

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