Hiring a sniper

Hiring a sniper
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How to Hiring a sniper for Security in the USA, Germany, & UK? At Anthony-troubleshooter.com, I am providing the best security service.

Hire A Hit man | Rent A Sniper

Thank you for visiting my website. I am obviously a very different kind of trouble... shooter. Basically, my mission is to help you solve your issues or differences that you may face with a certain individual. I understand that each case is different. In some cases, the target can be a person that requires a high level of protection and is therefore always surrounded by bodyguards and is being driven in blinded cars.

In such cases, hit-men, hitman and snipers are not always the ideal option to accomplish the mission. In such circumstances, the use of an armed drone is the only solution. 

​Our armed drones are  very sophisticated. Our latest model in our fleet is the FlySnipper FS20-XS. It can fly at almost 2000 kilometers per hour which means that it can fly from our base in Nunavut territory in Canada to any country around the world in just a couple of hours. 

​Our FlySnipper FS20-XS  is miniature in size and it is maneuvered remotely by one of our virtual drone experts using the latest technology of infrared land and sea imaging technology in collaboration with Google’s GPS. 

​It has a special permit issued by the UN office of International Special Missions and Projects Division. In addition, two of our virtual drone operators have received a medal of honor by the Interpol’s International Armed Drone Operators commission.

Our armed drones can enter homes, work spaces and even very restricted facilities such as airports, banks and jails. Since the drone operator is working remotely and is therefore not present in the countries where the events take place, from a legal standpoint, nobody eventually gets arrested.

​Our operational base is established in Nunavut. Nunavut is a territory located north of Canada and is administered by the Inuit tribe. Nunavut does not have a judicial system that is recognized internationally. Such as Antarctica, the Nunavut territory is known as a lawless region.

​We chose Nunavut to run our operations as we were able to obtain a special permit from the Inuit tribe to make it as our base for our fleet of armed drones, without facing any legal issues with local authorities.

Visit now at https://anthony-troubleshooter.com/

Contact Us

Address: 1109 Wishkah Boulevard, suite 200, Aberdeen, WA 98520, USA
Operational base: 150 Nipisa St, Iqaluit, Nunavut territory
Tel: +1 – 5 6 4 – 5 4 4 – 1 2 1 3
Telegram: +1 – 5 6 4 – 5 4 4 – 1 2 1 3
Email: anthony-top-secret@proton.me

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