Hit and Run : Trenton thornton Tragedy

The Mistrial 

Trenton Thornton Tragedy took place in 2020 during a road rage incident. The Victim Patrick Edwards was killed in this incident as a consequence but Tenton Thornton claimed that he crashed the vehicle of Patrick Edwards and shot him in Self Defense. During the incident, he lost control and couldn’t figure out the sudden attack of the vehicle, so he crashed in defense but his statement was not proved to be true. 

Later an unexpected thing happened. Want to know about it? Let’s go further.

Self Defense claim by Trenton thornton

According to Reports, Thornton’s attorney Chase Dearman claimed that Shooting and crash happened in self defense. Trenton Thornton was shocked when he saw a car coming in high speed to crash his vehicle and having no option left. He had to Shoot the victim. Because of his actions a life ended. 

On Tuesday, his attorney argued to free Thornton from murder charges and violation of Road traffic rules as it never happened. 

Dearman stated “I think with this case it was evident from the facts that it's crystal clear. This is 2022 with road rage and all these other incidents that take place you don’t chase people down”.

Statements given by witnesses 

The court took statements from all witnesses : 

-The Lead Detective who was working on this case
-Victim’s Fiance even broke down in tears while giving a statement, she was   emotional to lose her fiance. 

-The people who were present at the time when the road accident took place. 

After examining all evidence and hearing statements from all the witnesses, the Judge denied the Self defense claim by Trenton Thornton, as it was not proved. His claim lacked sources or witness to clear his name from the murder trial.

Court stated that the Victim Patrick Edwards was unarmed and defenseless, he never saw it coming. The shooting done by Trenton proved that he had illegal weapon possession and charged with murder of an innocent man.

The Trial that left everyone in splits

This Muder trial left everyone split, some believed and supported Trenton Thornton, they took side of Trenton that he really didn't have any choice left. If he didn’t take any action, he would get killed in this incident but the majority supported the decision of the Jury as Trenton didn’t have any evidence to prove that he shot the victim in self defense. Now this trial took a long time and still there is no conclusion. Victim’s family is still demanding justice.

But what happened to Trenton that left everything as it is.

Death of Trenton Thornton

You are reading this and might get shocked to know that Trenton has already died during the trial. Everyone was puzzled to know about his death. It was in the headlines and trending on the internet.

His murder trial became a mistrial in June,2022. Before his death,the court Sentenced him to 10 years to serve behind bars. Later on Wednesday, Tenton was charged with two other criminal charges other than murder.  

There is no information about the sudden death of Trenton, but people were shocked and surprised to know this. No one knows what happened to him. But this became a remarkable mistrial that happened last year. The Trial has stopped and left the process hanging.

Real incident turned into Fiction

Road Rage TV Series

The Trenton Thornton incident blew up the internet and was one of the most searched incidents of 2020. The Road Rage TV SEries which consists of Two Seasons telecasted episodes about this road accident and people showed interest in watching this. People started to review and gave positive feedback.

You should definitely watch this series and episodes to know more about this tragic incident.

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