How a marketing audit allows you to increase website sales

How a marketing audit allows you to increase website sales
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Underestimating the marketing component of a business is one of the most common mistakes businessmen and entrepreneurs make, according to experts from Rescanners, which conducts technical and marketing audits around the world. Being convinced that it is unreasonably expensive to conduct a marketing audit of a site, companies refuse the opportunity to increase sales and expand the audience of active users. As a result, more than 90% of websites do not work effectively enough, and only a few out of thousands of visitors become active customers. The result of this approach is also the zeroing of funds invested in the creation, promotion and promotion of sites.

Marketing audit: what it is?

Unpresentable design, inconvenient navigation, lack of quality content, complicated ordering process - in these cases, investments in search engine promotion of sites become ineffective. A well-conducted marketing audit in the format of a professional analysis of the selling characteristics of a company's or store's web resource allows, at a reasonable cost, to obtain accurate information about the nature of the problems of a particular site.

Based on the results of the marketing audit, website owners receive information about the reasons for:

  • low activity of visitors in terms of ordering services/goods;

  • increase in failure rates;

  • reducing the number of applications and calls.

During the marketing analysis, the site is evaluated in terms of the prospects for increasing conversions and sales levels.

At a low cost (compared to the cost of creating and promoting a resource), marketing analysis shows excellent results. As a marketing tool, it makes it possible to increase the effectiveness of the site.

Tasks of marketing analysis

Marketing audit of the site is a set of activities using specialized tools. It is carried out for the following purposes: to

  • designate the place of the company on the Internet;

  • analyze competitors for the presence of advantages;

  • determine the best directions for the development of the project;

  • identify factors that reduce the efficiency of the resource;

  • form a portrait of the target audience;

  • increase website conversion;

  • adjust the company's marketing strategy;

  • develop effective advertising strategies;

  • reduce search engine costs.

Carrying out a marketing analysis allows you to identify factors that hinder the success of the resource and identify points of growth.

Who needs a website marketing audit and why

Carrying out a website marketing audit is a mandatory procedure for projects and online stores that are interested in expanding the range of products and services.

Ordering a professional site audit is necessary in the following cases:

  • Development of a new site or a desire to improve the efficiency of a working site. Thanks to an adequate assessment of commercial attractiveness, it becomes possible to timely eliminate critical errors and accelerate the pace of promotion.

  • Lack of completed applications and a decrease in the number of calls from potential customers. It is possible to ensure a stable growth in the flow of customers only if all possible methods of promotion are used. An important factor is the activation of interaction with potential customers.

  • Low conversion with high traffic. The growth of competition is the reason for the increase in requirements for web sites in terms of design and content. If the target audience is not satisfied with the quality, design and convenience of the site, the conversion decreases.

Special attention is paid to the quality of website content. Potential buyers prefer informative texts, high-quality images, an intuitive interface and comfortable navigation.

Marketing audit activities

When conducting a marketing audit, various aspects of the activity and content of Internet resources are carefully analyzed:

  • Key business parameters to get an accurate idea of ​​the available ways to increase sales. An assessment is made of the goals set by the project, current tasks, target audience, promotion channels, development strategy, characteristics of the range of goods / services and various positions.

  • Design of resource pages for usability (ease of use), layout quality. The download speed and the absence of technical errors are analyzed using special tools.

  • Filling pages (content) to identify topics of interest to users and topical issues. Based on the analysis, a content plan is formed.

  • Resource attendance. The use of specialized web analytics services allows you to determine the parameters of traffic sources, information about age categories and other data of visitors, the amount of time spent on the site, and the conversion rate.

  • Company reputation. Customers decide to order goods or services based on the company's image. Based on the results of the analysis, it is possible to determine ways to improve the reputation.

  • Competitors. Analysis of competitors' web resources allows you to get accurate information on promotion methods, design technologies, and advertising budgets. The data obtained can be used to refine the company's site in order to improve search positions.

An important condition for obtaining accurate information is to contact professionals in the field of web analytics and promotion. Experts analyze sites, including in terms of ease of transition to landing pages.

The result of the marketing audit

After the marketing audit of the site, the customer receives a complete package of information necessary to improve the quality of the web resource and business development. The contractor in the reports describes the strengths and weaknesses of the sites, gives advice on updating resources and implementing an effective marketing strategy. The marketing audit report is actually a guide to action.

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