How Anyone Can Successfully log in to

How Anyone Can Successfully log in to

The is a web address that is used to log in to your router settings or interface. You can use it while you are connected to your wifi network using your router. Although accessing this webpage seems easy, many people face complications with it. That is why we have decided to create this helpful post which will inform people on how to successfully access the admin. 

What Can You Do by Accessing

When you originally start using your wifi router, it may not be properly configured. There may be security settings that are not activated. For example, your wifi network may not be protected by a password. So, in this case, you can utilize login to set a password and a unique SSID for your wifi network. 

Also, there are different bands for your wifi to operate on. They are 2.5GHZ and 5GHZ. By logging into the wifi admin from the link, you can set your preferred network. 

How to Configure Your Wifi Router using

When you access this URL, you will have to enter the default username and password. In most cases by default, both are “admin”. When you log in to the dashboard, from there you can choose from the various settings regarding your router. 

Changing Wifi Name and Password

Below are the easy steps to follow to change your network’s SSID and password:

  • Go to General Settings
  • Select the Wireless Settings Preference option
  • Then, in the SSID section, enter the new name you wish to keep
  • Save the changes you made
  • To change your wifi password, simply click in the wifi password box and enter your desired password and then save the changes
  • You can also create new login credentials for your router’s admin page for enhanced security

Changing the Local IP Address through

Your settings give you the option of using an alternate local IP address for accessing your router. It is important to note down the new IP as you would need it in the future for accessing the router settings.

  • After entering the dashboard of the router admin page, go to General Settings
  • Look for the Network Settings option
  • Then, scroll down till you see the option called Router Settings
  • Now, you can enter your new local IP address
  • Save the changes afterward to make sure they are applied

Now, you can log out of your admin page and visit your new local IP. It should now take you to your router admin page.

Reasons Why Someone Cannot Access

There can be times when you are not able to access this link to enter your router’s admin settings. There are a few reasons for that. Let us check them out below: 

Incorrect Address

Many times users make mistakes when they are manually writing the address of the router page. Because they are just a random group of numbers, mistakes are common. If you incorrectly write a number wrong or miss a “.” in the address, you can get an error message from your browser. 

Not Connected to Router

Another reason why you are not able to access the router admin page is that you are not connected to your wifi router. In this case, confirm that your laptop or whichever device you are using is connected to the wifi router. If it is not, make the connection and try again.

Router Setup Issue

Another reason for this issue could be that there is something wrong with your router’s configuration. Sometimes your router’s make and model are different and hence they have different addresses to access the router page. Look at the bottom of your router for the default login address of the router page. 

ConclusionIn this post, we have tried to share with you some basic details about the address and what you can do once you successfully log in there. We hope it helps you out. For more info, you can visit our website- 

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