How can I alter the URL of my Shopify store?

How can I alter the URL of my Shopify store?
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How can I alter the URL of my Shopify store?

You undoubtedly face a lot of difficulties if you are just starting out in online business using the Shopify platform. One of them is not knowing how to alter the URL of a Shopify store. This scenario occurs when an online store is developed, but you later discover that you need a distinctive brand name and must modify the name of the existing store.

So, in this article, we'll provide you a straightforward, step-by-step tutorial on how to change the URL of your Shopify store quickly and with the least amount of work. Let's begin right away!

How can your Shopify store's URL be changed?

If you choose one of the alternate possibilities listed below, your Shopify URL will change completely, allowing customers to find your store.

Establish a new Shopify account.

Regarding this option, you can replicate your existing store by exporting CSV files from your admin area and transferring them to your new store (or account)

Utilize an external app

Third-party apps are such a useful tool that let you achieve that. They enable you to replicate your old Shopify store and create a new one with a fresh URL. You can save a lot of time by copying all the data from your old store with just a few quick clicks that are equivalent to the eight steps above. A prime example of a third-party app is Store Copy. Immediately read this page to learn more about Store Copy.

Link Redirect

Running a Shopify business may occasionally force you to determine whether to remove a product or decide that your suppliers should remove it. It will be required to employ URL redirect if the URL is already in use elsewhere else, such as social media or another marketing platform. In other words, when a customer taps on your original URL, they will be taken to a second page with comparable goods. All about article: change Shopify store url Related article: How dropshipping from amazon to shopify

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