How Casinos Have Evolved Over The Years

How Casinos Have Evolved Over The Years
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13 May 2022

Once upon a time, casinos used to be very different. We would head down to the local casino, spend some time at the tables, or on the slots, have a few drinks, spend a bit too much money, and then head home. 

However, nowadays, things are different, and you do not really have to do any of those things, now, you don’t even have to get dressed to play the slots. You will have to sit in the restroom and play slots as ever you want to. 

Casino games, or online games of casinos have advanced from last days, things will grown day by day, and it is all thanks to the rise in technology. 

So, how has it evolved?

The Ascension Of Online Casinos

Online gaming has been around for a while, although for ages it was just playing snake on your block mobile phone, or trying out Pac-Man or space invaders on that great big hunk of a TV. 

However, it wasn’t long after the 1990s that online casinos became popular, and countries in the Caribbean brought in legislation allowing online casinos to get licensed. 

The Gaming Club, in 1994 was the first ever online casino to come into existence. 

However, not long after this, more started to spring up, and entrepreneurs and companies started to note the potential of online gambling, and how popular it was. After this, casinos tried to break into this industry, they would start providing bonuses, loyalty programs and such. 

Of course, we see this even in their efforts today, as an attempt to attract and draw in new customers, they even offer free play giving the ability to win without spending anything. 

This grew massively over time, and now there are countless online casinos just like this! 

Sports Betting Evolution 

Not for very long after, sports betting came in fact, it came in 1996, and as it wasn’t restricted to conventional casinos. Live betting became an option in 2002, which allowed people to bet on sports, like football, soccer, basketball, and so on, as they were in progress. 

This ended up bringing gambling and sports enthusiasm together into one place and gave a new light to athletic events. 

It continues to be just as popular today, and while it was not originally directly tied to online casinos and gambling like the online casino platforms where you might play blackjack, they are now all found in one place.  

Online Poker

Online poker also joined the mix after a while. Poker Planet was the first to join the online casino game for poker in 1998. Even though internet connections were sluggish and awful back then many people used to enjoy the ability to play online poker. 

A majority of large online poker tournaments are now carried out online, and with no more sluggish connections, and fast internet speeds, the games are even more fun now, and you can get live poker, and real time action easily. 

It is one of the most popular forms of the game, however, it is still not fully legalized in some states. 

In 1998, Microgaming also launched a video slot as well, which was a progressive jackpot online slot, and it granted rewards that increased with every play until it was won. This was probably the first proper notion of a progressive jackpot in online casino games. 

Mobile Casinos

Thanks to more active mobile phones, and better smartphone technology, we are now able to access all corners of the internet from our pockets. It gives us so much more ability to be active online and do what we want on the internet. 

We basically have a whole computer in our pockets now, and when it comes to online casinos and online gaming, we also have a whole casino in our pockets too. 

Websites and online casinos started to shift their focus from PCs to mobile phones, as that was where all the activity was. 

It was an opportunity to be seized, and it came with so much potential for more customers and more activity. 

Then, we cannot ignore online casino apps either, apps made it even easier, no longer having to type in the website URL, casinos were there full time in every customer's pockets. 

With all these advancements, casinos have totally changed the way they run, and are now building new ways to encourage their customers more and make themselves even more appealing to their players. 

It all started with slow speeds and minimal games, and now online is the biggest realm of gambling. 

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