How Do I Fix Outlook When It's Not Receiving Emails?

How Do I Fix Outlook When It's Not Receiving Emails?
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Microsoft Outlook is a ground-breaking email service. It has made emailing substantially more specialized and advantageous. With different safety features, Outlook offers the greatest security and dependability, and subsequently, it is well known to share and store urgent data through emails. In any case, similar to some other email services, Outlook likewise runs over specific issues like "Outlook not receiving emails”. However, it is a temporary issue and can be fixed using simple troubleshooting methods, that we will be mentioned in this piece of content, along with the causes 

Why Outlook is Not Working?

A considerable lot of the time you will likely get an outlook email that is not working issue. So, prior to investigating Outlook 365, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, or whatever other variant that isn't getting emails, try to search for the specific reason.

  • The issue with the network connection.
  • The security parts like firewall assurance can hinder incoming emails.
  • The mail can be put away in a Spam or Junk folder rather than an Inbox.
  • Perhaps the Outlook account isn't synchronized.
  • Entering some wrong details, for example, email username, password, or configuration data

Solutions to Outlook is Not Receiving Emails

Outlook emails not showing up the issue can happen on any version be it 2016, yet the beneath given troubleshooting solutions will work actually irrespective of the variant you are utilizing. So, follow the given steps;

1. Check the “Junk” Folder

Prior to starting the high-level troubleshooting ensure you check the essential subtleties, for example, the " Junk Folder" of your Outlook email account. It is conceivable that Outlook might have diverted the email into the Junk or Spam folder.

2. Restart Outlook

There's a reason why switching a piece of software or equipment works wonders most of the time. In some cases, Outlook can get hung up, either on the grounds that it is attempting to process a lot of data or conflicting projects may run. Therefore, this might cause outlook to send and receive error messages. Try closing down all projects on your PC, then, start again. This will fix the issue 

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