How Do You Schedule Instagram Posts Without Facebook?

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14 September 2023

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Since Facebook acquired Instagram, many scheduling apps require connecting to a Facebook account. However, some users don’t have Facebook or prefer not to link accounts. Fortunately, there are still effective ways to plan and schedule Instagram content without Facebook.

Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Posts

Reasons to schedule Instagram posts include:

  • Maintain a steady posting schedule
  • Plan content in advance
  • Post at optimal high-traffic times
  • Promote posts at strategic times
  • Analyze best posting days/hours
  • Save time with batch scheduling
  • Collaborate with others on content

Challenges of Scheduling Without Facebook

Scheduling without connecting Facebook accounts poses some challenges:

  • Less app integration options
  • Harder to analyze the performance
  • Difficult to determine the best posting times
  • More time-consuming without automation
  • Restrictions on the number of accounts

Use Instagram’s Native Scheduling

Instagram allows scheduling posts natively in the app up to 75 days out. This is the easiest way to schedule without Facebook.

Third-Party Scheduling Apps

Apps like Later, Planoly, and Hopper HQ don’t require Facebook and offer Instagram scheduling:


Visual Instagram and Pinterest scheduler with useful reporting.


Made specifically for Instagram scheduling and analytics.

Hopper HQ

Specializes in Instagram scheduling, optimization and account management.

Social Media Management Platforms

Tools like Agorapulse and Sprout Social offer Instagram scheduling without Facebook as part of their management suites.

Leverage Calendars and Reminders

Manually plan posts in advance by setting reminders on phones or calendars to schedule content.

Repost Content from a Secondary Account

Use a second Instagram account to schedule posts, then repost that content to your main profile.

Collaborate with Others to Schedule

Have assistants, co-workers or agencies schedule pre-approved posts on your behalf without direct account access.

Schedule in Advance and Analyze Performance

Schedule 1-2 weeks of posts at a time without Facebook and review analytics once posted.

Types of Content You Can Schedule Without Facebook

You can schedule almost any type of content without Facebook:

  • Static images
  • Short videos
  • Carousels
  • Minimal text captions

More complex sequenced content may require workarounds.

Tips for Successful Scheduling Without Facebook

  • Spread out scheduling over days/weeks
  • Maintain consistent posting frequency
  • Use engaging captions and relevant hashtags
  • Have backup content available
  • Limit bulk uploads to 30 posts
  • Monitor performance after posting
  • Ensure proper image sizes and video formats

Limitations to Consider

  • More time-consuming manual scheduling
  • Restrictions on the volume of scheduled posts
  • Unable to schedule some content types
  • Lack of robust cross-platform analytics
  • Harder to pinpoint optimal posting times

Should You Connect Facebook to Schedule?

Linking Facebook provides access to more scheduling app options with conveniences like cross-platform analytics. But it’s not essential for basic scheduling needs.

The Future of Non-Facebook Instagram Scheduling

We can expect more specialization among third-party scheduling apps for Instagram-only users. The potential for native scheduling features within Instagram could also simplify non-Facebook scheduling.


  • While connecting Facebook does enable more scheduling app integrations, it is possible to schedule Instagram posts without Facebook using methods like Later, Planoly, native scheduling, calendars, and reposting.
  • Limit scheduled posts to 1-2 per day over weeks. Analyze what works once posted. Have backups available. Understand restrictions around volume and complexity.
  • For simple needs, non-Facebook scheduling provides helpful capabilities. But for larger volumes, connecting Facebook may optimize efficiency.


What is the best scheduler for Instagram that doesn’t require Facebook?

Later and Planoly are the top non-Facebook-requiring Instagram scheduling apps due to their user-friendly interfaces, robust scheduling options, and intuitive visual design.

Can you schedule Instagram Stories without Facebook?

Unfortunately, Instagram Stories cannot be scheduled in advance through any third-party apps at this time, with or without Facebook.

What are the limitations for scheduling Instagram posts without Facebook?

Limits include fewer app integrations, manual workarounds, restrictions on volume, inability to schedule some content types, and lack of cross-platform analytics.

Is it better to allow scheduling apps to connect to Facebook?

Connecting Facebook provides more app options with conveniences like analytics, but isn’t essential. Evaluate whether benefits outweigh privacy concerns based on your needs.

Do any free Instagram schedulers not require Facebook?

Yes, some free scheduling apps like Preview don’t require Facebook. However, capabilities are restricted compared to paid standalone Instagram schedulers.

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