How Does Technology Help Us Explore Ancient Cultures?

Our fascination with the ancient cultures found in places like Rome and Egypt has seen countless movies, documentaries, and books covering them. While there are still many mysteries left for us to resolve, new technology can help us to understand these cultures in a few different ways.

Popular Culture Based on Classic Images

The integration of timeless civilizations into popular culture has helped them to reach far more people than would otherwise have been the case. Classic movies such as Gladiator and Ben Hur showed some of the customs and characters of ancient Rome to viewers, while Cleopatra and The Mummy are among the best Egyptian-themed movies that revealed some of the wonders of this culture to the public.

This concept also applies to casino slots, with titles such as Eye of Horus and Cleopatra Grand among those that introduce us to key images from history such as scarabs and their various deities. Other games are based on numerous different themes, with Greek mythology and the Aztec Empire among the historical settings that are commonly seen. By using images from the past, the game creators can introduce interesting, atmospheric settings.  

Different Ways of Seeing New Objects

When it comes to discovering the secrets hidden below the ground, there are several modern methods that can prove to be more effective than physically excavating the site. For example, it’s now possible to study areas of interest by using images from space or with lasers, revealing long-hidden burial sites, ruined palaces, and more.


The introduction of remote vehicles that can explore the ocean floor is one of the reasons why more shipwrecks have been discovered in recent years, with these ruined ships often giving us vital clues about life in the past. With millions of wrecks thought to lie on the sea bed and exploration records increasingly digitized for accessibility, we can expect to find out more about the past in this way as new ships are discovered and explored.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence

Various types of technology can be used to immerse us in the civilizations that once ruled huge empires. From the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to produce fake selfies showing how important historical characters might have used social networks to augmented reality on tourism apps, there are now more ways than ever before to feel a connection with a long-lost world.

Perhaps the most useful way of incorporating technology into our thirst for knowledge about the past is with virtual reality (VR) used to create immersive worlds. By scanning a location with lasers, experts can put any historical site online for virtual visitors to explore in 3D, with the metaverse offering the possibility of this becoming an even bigger part of the entertainment industry.

It's easy to understand how these types of technology have helped us to get a better understanding of ancient cultures in very simple ways. As well as helping historians to research and investigate the past, they’ve also allowed the rest of us to get to grips with history in increasingly entertaining ways.

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