How Good Are EU LoL Teams?

How Good Are EU LoL Teams?
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17 May 2022

The EU LoL teams are some of the most impressive squads on the eSports LoL circuit.

EU LoL teams are receiving a lot of attention this season, specifically the European Masters and Regional Leagues. ERLs have become a popular market for EU talent after several landmark moments in 2021 (and before). They also offer a way for veterans to stay relevant. The number of concurrent views for regional leagues is higher than that of franchised leagues (LCS) as we enter 2022.

Are the EU Regional Leagues able to beat LEC teams in Europe? What is the level of competition between the ERLs and the teams from the major European League? We discuss these topics below and also analyze some of the top teams in the domestic leagues (Check out more about LoL and other professional eSports at Let's begin.

EU LoL Regional Leagues in 2021

LFL Team Karmine Corp won the finals against Fnatic Rising (Fnatic's Academy) in the EU Masters Summer Main Event. Additionally, Prime League team Berlin International Gaming and Misfits Premier Team competed in the LEC and came in 3rd and 4th, respectively.

One can also look at the level of competition in each domestic league, despite the fact that rosters have changed throughout the off-season. It was evident that the French League (LFL) had the strongest teams in EU Masters. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume it has one of the most competitive environments.

The LFL also has many Academy teams from LEC organizations competing. Misfits Premier, Vitality, and BDS's secondary team are all competing in the LFL. As far as EU LoL goes, these teams have the advantage of boasting a stronger team in the LEC, against which they can scrim and learn from top LEC players.

The same is true of the Spanish League. Fnatic TQ, MAD Lions Madrid, and G2 Artic are all competing in the LVP Superliga. Other Academy teams include SK Gaming Prime, which competes in the German League, AGO Rogue competing in Ultraliga in the Polish League, Astralis talent and JDXL competing in the NLC.

Simultaneously, while all of these academy teams compete, they may not be the best in their respective leagues.

Are ERL Teams Skilled Enough to Compete Against LEC Teams?

It can be tricky to pick out the best EU LoL Regional League due to so many of them offering exceptional talent. However, based on last year's results, one can conclude that the LFL, LVP Superliga, and Prime League are the best European leagues. Regardless, one can therefore assume that some LEC teams might still be able to beat the top-performing teams in these regions.

Fnatic TQ and Vitality. Bee, some of the greatest EU LoL teams ever, have the best chance of beating LEC teams. Many of these teams include former LEC players, meaning they have a chance against lower-tier teams like Astralis or SK Gaming. While the top teams have a slight advantage, many still believe there is a gap.

ERL teams are getting closer to the finish line, which is perhaps the most critical point worth noting. The EU LoL Regional League teams have players at the top SoloQ: Keduii (BIG) and 113 (KCorp) are in the top 10 Challenger ladder. These players do not lack the mechanical skills to win from an individual standpoint.

The Pivot Point

The two main elements making the difference are the ability to work together and having the macro knowledge necessary to coordinate plays. The average KP% in the LEC is higher than the general average, which indicates that top teams are more dependent on team play and less on individual talents.

It is less likely that ERL teams will play against the best in the EU LoL circuit due to how the franchise operates in the LEC. Nevertheless, the eSports community is expanding, and many hope organizations can set up friendly matches between different regions, as Karmine Corp did with KOI in the off-season.

Alternatively, several industry experts suggest that the LEC/EM organize a unified event right before MSI/Worlds to allow the top European teams from the LEC/ERLs to compete. While the top LEC teams will be invited to Worlds, all other LEC teams can still compete against regional favorites for the European Cup.

The Greatest EU LoL Teams Ever

The list below includes:

  • Fnatic (Summer 2015)

  • G2 Esports (Spring 2017)

  • G2 Esports (Summer 2019)

  • G2 Esports (Summer 2016)

  • Alliance (Summer 2014) - an honorable mention EU LoL team

Fnatic: Summer 2015

  • Members: Huni, Reignover, Febiven, Rekkles, YellOwStaR
  • Regular Season: 18-0, First
  • Playoffs: 6-2, 1st

Many argue that this team has the strongest domestic split in history, but we'll settle for the best LEC team. The Fnatic team put together the best undefeated season ever, which shouldn't surprise anyone if you take a look at the roster. It was not surprising that the entire team of five players was selected for the All-pro EU LoL team. These players all had incredible careers, and many of them are still enjoying that success. It's almost like you can look back and see that other teams didn't even have a chance that year.

G2 Esports: Spring 2017

  • Members: Expect, Trick, Perkz, Sven & Mithy
  • Regular Season: 12-1, 1st
  • Playoffs: 6-2, 1st

Three consecutive LEC titles adorn this team's history, although the league existed under the EU LCS name at the time. No season has ever been as dominant in the history of G2's dynasty, despite the team's defeat by a stout squad in the final week. Regardless, this split saw the G2 team overtake Fnatic to become the new European kings, led by All-Pro 1st-team players Trick, Perkz, and Zven.

G2 Esports: Summer 2019

  • Members: Wunder, Jankos, Caps, Perkz & Mikyx
  • Regular Season: 15-3, 1, 1st
  • Playoffs: 6-4, 1st

As far as EU LoL teams go, while this year might not be the most dominant in G2's history, it was undoubtedly the most exciting. As the world's most popular playstyle "Uma Jan" took over the world by storm, the entire squad was named the 1st All LEC team. Perkz, Caps, and Jankos ranked among the top 6 for total kills, which is remarkable considering that no other team had more than eight players in the Top 8. This team brought the most respect to Europe and made them a Western threat for World Championship.

G2 Esports: Spring 2016

  • Members: Kikis, Trick, Perkz, Emporer & Hybrid
  • Regular Season: 15-3, 1, 1st
  • Playoffs: 6-2, 1st

Most fans don't remember who G2 was prior to the spring 2016 split. But, after the split, everyone knew exactly who they were. G2's coming-out party was a massive success. The squad did everything possible, including things most fans never imagined they could achieve: Coach of the year (YoungBuck), Rookie-of-the-Year (Perkz), MVP (Trick), and 2 All-Pro players. This squad was in its prime and a force of nature.

Alliance: Summer 2014

  • Members: Wickd, Shook, Froggen, Tabzz, Nyph
  • Regular Season: 21-7, 1.
  • Playoffs: 6-2, 1st

Although the final EU LoL team spot on our list was highly contested, we thought it was important to acknowledge that teams other than Fnatic or G2 existed. The 2022 season is becoming more impressive with each passing day. While Fnatic and G2 have won almost every EU LCS/LEC title, one of them proved too elusive for both squads. Fnatic didn't win the title run in the 2013-2015 split. 2014's title went to Alliance, who beat Fnatic 3-1 by Alliance that year, with Froggen becoming MVP.

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