How Instagram's anti-bullying feature works?

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How Instagram's anti-bullying feature works?

Instagram's Restrict feature allows you to control your Bully's comments for a positive experience.

As much as we enjoy the perks of social media, bullying is a con that will always preside on these platforms. While you may resort to blocking these misbehaved accounts, that does not call for an end to online bullying. And if things get personal, being on social media, especially Instagram, can be troublesome for those victims of online bullying and harassment. 

According to the reports by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, most of the bullying comments come from people you know in real life. These individuals use Instagram as their weapon to socially harass people they know. as a result, bullying victims are often reluctant to block or report them because if they do so, you aren't able to check on what the Bully does. It can escalate on other platforms if it's something related to the bullying victim. 

Instagram introduces the Restrict feature.

As the blocking feature did not do justice to its job, Instagram introduced the Restrict feature, which addresses these issues to the core. It ensures that your Instagram followers don't get affected, and at the same time, there isn't a decrease in your interactions, including Instagram likes. Restricts work in three different ways- You can restrict accounts if

  • they post mean and evil comments on your posts
  • if they send you offensive messages 
  • if someone who isn't following you sends you messages

As you can see, before these messages and comments before get posted, you can choose to release these by accepting or rejecting them. This way, you can limit people's actions on your account. 

Once a user is restricted, actions of that user-comments or messages on your posts require your approval, and you get notified whether you want those comments and messages. When restricted individuals send you a text, their announcements appear in a separate inbox. You get notified when you visit your regular inbox section, and you can decide whether to accept, reject or block the individual.

Instagram's anti-bullying feature is meant to tackle online bullying.

In a study by Instagram, the feature was released to a small percentage of English-speaking users. This feature significantly restricted bullying, and based on these results, Instagram introduced this feature to global users. As Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms, online Bully is likely to happen at every stage, and hence, this feature brings hope to attempting to fight it. 

Besides the Restrict feature, Instagram has several other features that act like Instagram policies. It bans any content from banning posts related to self-harm, obscenity, nudity, and everything that is against the policies of Instagram.

How can you protect yourself from Instagram abuse?

Social media has pros and cons, and it is essential to include only positive experiences here. Whether it is about the Instagram followers, high-school mates, or random fake accounts that bully you, this problem can be fixed, and you ought to take suitable measures to do so. 

Just because these bullies have a platform to showcase their hidden evil talents, this shouldn't stop you from reaching your goal on this platform.

How can you make the best out of Instagram by eliminating bullies?

Enjoy posting on Instagram.

Why should you restrict yourself from enjoying the features and filters available on Instagram? Speak your mind and heart and dump those that belittle you. As long as you abide by the policies given by Instagram, you can enjoy this platform by posting pictures, videos, and reels and connecting with people you care about.

Become an Instagram influencer

Instagram allows you to choose a career that makes you popular and high-known. Influencers are Instagrammers with massive Instagram followers and interactions, including Instagram likes, comments, and shares. There are several ways to increase your Instagram connection, but if you choose to get Instagram followers or to buy Instagram likes something in vogue now, ensure that you have the details of the digital marketing agencies you collaborate with.

Start your digital business.

Give a tough fight to your bullies by using Instagram as a platform to strengthen your business online. Through Instagram, you can market your products and services, find suitable target audiences, collaborate with clients and companies, and make your business go viral. 

Take a home message!

If there is good, there is always bad. But it is crucial to balance the good more than the bad. Use this Restrict feature and ensure to keep these unnecessary evil villains out of your Instagram life. 


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