How Is Snap Score Calculated? [2022]

How Is Snap Score Calculated? [2022]
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22 August 2022

Snapchat was originally invented by stealing other social networking platforms. Snap Score and Snapchat’s streaks are both very popular features. Although, many people have less idea about these two features. This article will cover “How is the snap score calculated?”

Snapchat strives to communicate with its users. It makes endless attempts and streaks to progress on snap score regularly. There is something where a snap score is associated with a streak. In this article, we have discussed how to snap score is calculated.

Snapchat has not a formal statement of why those below-mentioned factors affect snap scores. Although many analysts believe that many factors can impact snap score. Every factor has the same importance when you are calculating Snap scores.

How Snap Score Is Calculated

Below we have mentioned some ways how Snap Score is calculated. In this article, we have explained those factors elaboratively.

1) Number Of Snaps Received And Sent

Your snap score is related to the number of snaps that have been received and sent. Therefore, the timing or frequency of increasing snap numbers has an effect on your snap score. 

2) The Unit Of Stories You Post And The Views That Gained

The snap score of Snapchat is a calculation of the interaction that you have made. Even if you don’t want to receive or send snaps, then you can simply use story features to increase your snap score. 

Your snap score will rise if you have posted snaps to your snap chat story. Although if you are only viewing stories, then it is an expectation from this application that it will increase the snap score. 

3) Snapchat Has A Greater Part Of Friends

One of the main important factors of Snapchat is Snapchat friends. This is because Snapchat can trace many users that have been added to your friend lists. This makes it more important to make friends if Snapchat computes.

4) Length Of Streaks

It is feasible to develop your snap score if you have snap streaks. You can already interact with your Snapchat friends in a positive manner. That is why it works and is easily calculated. The higher your snap streaks, the better it will be to make a snap score.

5) Repeated Customers Get Rewards

This will apply to every user, even those who don’t use it. Snapchat offers bonus points for those who use the application after a break. 

The above-mentioned points are essential for calculating Snapchat's score.

How Will You Find Your Snap Score?

You will not be able to find a snap score if you don’t have heard of it before. However, it is feasible to find a snap score from your Snapchat.

Below we have mentioned how to compute Snapchat Score.

1) Open the Snapchat calculator

2) Click on the Icon named “profile.” You can click on the Bitmoji icon. In case you already have your Bitmoji, then click on the profile icon.

3) On the profile icon of Snapchat, you will see a number under your Snapchat name. Your Snap score is the number that has been written under your Snap code.

4)   After that, you have to click on the number to view your snap chat score. Again, a pop-up box will occur.

5) The box will dispose of two numbers. One is the number that you have already sent, and another is how many scores you have received.

6) Your Snap score does not only reflect the number of snaps that have been received and sent. It is greater than that. 

How Will You Get The Snap Score Of Your Friend?

Snapchat friends are mostly competing for their Snapchat scores.

Here are the ways to see your friends’ snap scores.

1) Swipe left on Snapchat to open the page named “chat.”

2) Tap the “profile” icon that occurs in the upper left corner of your screen.

3) Click on the option “My friends” in your Snapchat profile.

4) Snap score will be displayed in the snap chat’s list of your friends. 

5) Click on any of your friend’s profile icons to see their snap score. Then, click on the Bitmoji of your friend’s profile to locate it.

6) You can also click the options of Bitmoji on your friend’s profile.

Basically, Snapscore is the number that appears under the username of your friend’s profile. So, for example, the snap score will appear in this mentioned format: 68.552.

Now The Question Is, How Does Snap Score Work? 

Snap score works by merging up the whole activity on Snapchat, for example: how many snaps you have received and sent. Snapchat hasn’t declared how many actions are needed but keeping up streaks will raise your snap score. You can also find your snap score on the profile page.

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Last Words:

There are numerous techniques for calculating a Snap score, but the main thing is that the snap score depends on the number of snaps that you have received and sent. Apart from that, it is also calculated by the number of stories you have posted regularly or a couple of days. 

We hope this article is helpful to you; in case you have queries feel free to ask.

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a freelance writer. He is loving every bit of it. Her niches are marketing, lifestyle, wellness, travel, and entertainment. Apart from writing, Chris loves to t...
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