How Much Does an Indian App Develop Cost?

How Much Does an Indian App Develop Cost?

Worldwide, the price of developing an app in India is reasonable without sacrificing the caliber of the code structure, the availability of competent labor, or the timeless delivery.

Although, hire ajax developer, junior designer and QA earn between $40 and $50 per hour in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, and many other tech-focused nations, senior-level personnel. This blog includes the structure of app development costs in India to give you a quick overview of how much it costs to produce an app.

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Cost of an App Development Project in India

We now have a solid grasp of the many variables that affect how much it costs to build an app. The mobile app development cost may vary from a minuscule $12,000 to as much as $100,000, depending on the project's complexity and features.


We may divide app projects into three main categories based on complexity and features: basic applications, standard apps, and complicated apps. Let's examine the price and length of development for each application type. By looking at the chart below, you may determine which category your planned app project most likely falls into.

App Types'

Approximate Cost

Time to Develop

Easy App Projects

$12,000 to $30,000

1 to 3 Months

Projects Typical App

$40,000 to $90,000

4 to 9 Months

Projects for Complex Apps

$100,000 to $120,000+

10+ Months


Thus, an app's features, design, complexity, size, and needed skills significantly impact how long and how much it will cost to build. Only a small number of applications fit into the third category, whereas most apps fall into the first two.

It would help if you produced additional specifics in accordance with the project needs, features, and all other aspects to move beyond this rough assessment. Our professionals at Mtoag can accurately estimate the project's duration and cost using a careful calculating process.

Let's now provide rough estimates for several popular app categories' costs and development times. It will give you a general sense of the time and cost associated with the heather developer for various app projects.

App Type    

Approximate Price      

App Development Time

Social Chat App   


2-6 years

eLearning App


2-8 years

Fintech App


2-6 months

Healthtech App


2-6 months

Food Aggregator App


1-4 months

Enterprise App


3-8 months

Mobile Games


2-7 months

Mobile Commerce App


1-7 months

Media Streaming App


1-6 months

Cab Booking App


2-6 months

NFT Market Place


2-7 months

Fleet Management App


1-5 months

EV Charge App


2-4 months

Mental Health Wellbeing App


1-5 months

Tourism Apps


2-6 months


Recognizing the Huge Variability in Indian App Development Costs

You should know the enormous range of cost estimates before we get into the specifics of development costs. The price of developing an app varies widely by area and depends on several variables. These varying elements significantly impact app development expenses in India as well. The complexity of the app project, the platforms and app types selected, the feature set, and the desired technologies and tools are all critical variables that affect how much it will cost to build an app.

As we have previously said, India is a popular outsourcing location worldwide because of its inexpensive app development costs. Over time, India has distinguished itself as the location with the most reasonable estimations among development farms compared to its Western and foreign rivals. The most significant part is that India has become an incredibly profitable outsourcing location because of its booming IT sector, well-known talent pool, and fiercely competitive local small company market.

Making the proper app monetization choices is crucial to covering an app's development costs. 92% of all applications available in the App Store are free. While free applications now enjoy the most popularity, it may be most cost-effective to simultaneously provide a premium version with specific capabilities that are restricted. The most popular kind of monetization used y most free applications is in-app advertising.

At Mtoag, we take pride in exhibiting many of these crucial cost-competitive qualities for which Indian IT outsourcing businesses are renowned internationally. My experience with outsourcing projects as a senior developer has given me a deeper understanding of these qualities. More than anything else, working with domestic small company projects gave us the expertise we needed to hone our talents and strategies for low-budget software projects. Indian development businesses provide a secure option in a market where development prices may range from a few thousand to more than a million dollars.  

Cost to Create an App

Numerous studies have been conducted to determine how much it costs to design and develop an application. There is a small study that details the costs associated while creating an app in one hour for each of the following nations: 


iOS / Hour

Android / Hour

North America



South America



United Kingdom










The study table indicates that the costliest place for manufacturing apps in North America, India, on the other hand, has relatively cheap service costs.

The price to construct an application may vary from $38,000 to $211,000 depending on the application's complexity, according to study programmes of several organizations. The majority of application upgrades are essential for complicated ones. There are various businesses that create applications on both sides of the border. The hourly cost serves as the benchmark for calculating an application's cost. The area also influences any application's development cost.

This graphic raises a variety of issues since not all Android or Windows programs are created equal. The length of the manufacturing process varies, much as the cost problem. A fundamental application may be built in around 3 to 6 months, and a complicated medium application can be built in about a year. Last, a sophisticated application takes more than 8 to 10 months and sometimes much longer. Applications come in various forms, including native and hybrid apps.  

There is a widespread misperception that expensive development is required to produce the highest-quality applications. The firms could incur extra expenses as a result of this thinking.

  • Calculator for App Development Costs

Several cost estimators are available throughout the App Development process. Targeted platforms, online and offline apps, the number of features, screens, and applications, simple/complex features, updated applications, special effects, the cost of involving third parties, the rate of businesses, etc., are some of the variables that affect the price.

  • Hire Indian iPhone App Developers

An employer of iPhone app developers, India produces modern iOS apps with plenty of features. The business provides the top items at highly competitive prices to customers. The significant areas of concentration for the application developer include app migration and upgradation, committed app developers, learning apps, tailored apps, music apps, app testers, iPad development, support, and maintenance costs, as well as consultancy fees.

The businesses provide services to more than 3,000 customers worldwide. With more than 300 skilled developers backing, XICOM is regarded as one of the significant iPhone mobile application development companies. A year's worth of services is provided to about 500,000 customers.

The company's main areas of concentration to increase quality include application design, application strategy, application testing, corporate applications, and gaming applications. Hiring Indian iOS application developers strikes a good mix between time, quality, and cost.

The following are a few of the essential guidelines that the organization upholds:

  • Strict agreement on confidentiality
  • Top-tier application developers' aid
  • Less costly
  • Quick delivery
  • Incredible cooperation
  • There are no problems with the contract

The elements that draw customers to iOS developers' services are,

  • Application developers with expertise
  • Superior services
  • Easily approachable
  • Regulations against training
  • Budget-friendly
  • App Advisors
  • App Switching
  • Experts who can help
  • Maintenance Assistance

The primary cost drivers for app development, other cost drivers outside the core development, and some advice for maintaining complete control over the app development cost are all covered further.

Critical Factors Affecting Indian App Development Cost

The variable components determine most of the app development cost calculations. You cannot create a precise and organized estimate of the project budget without considering these many aspects. It is usually essential to carefully review these variable aspects if you seek a thorough reference to India's app development expenses. Below, we go through the main costs involved in developing an app.

  • Target Platforms and App Types

The significant determinants of development costs are the kind of app you want to create and the OS systems you wish to support. The ideal solution is to create a hybrid app if you want to design a single app that works on all mobile devices and the web. Although hybrid applications significantly reduce development costs, the user experience must be sacrificed.

It costs more to create native applications for iOS and Android separately. You may now choose cross-platform app development as an intermediate option between hybrid and native development. More than 80% of code there for both iOS and Android may be reused with the help of technologies like React Native or Flutter. For the remainder, platform-specific UI development may be used to provide a more natural appearance and feel.

  • Online Absence

Applications are adopting offline functionality these days in order to compete with older, internet-dependent apps. Thanks to cloud computing and sophisticated regional caching, app users may access certain features and contents even when the internet connection is unavailable. Any modifications made while the connection is lost will be updated when it is re-established. It could cost a little bit more to do this.

  • App Features

Finally, the features take up all of the app development time. Even a few very complex and sophisticated features may occasionally consume significant development costs, even if the number of features ultimately decides this cost. A step-by-step tutorial for developing an app places a focus on feature development. Even if the parts are what your app hopes to provide customers, you may always start with the essential functionality and gradually add more as users' feedback allows. Your initial development costs may go down as a result.

  • Screens in Each App

The cost of designing a massive app with an excessive number of displays might rise significantly. You may keep the price under control by employing fewer number displays. Create just screens necessary for the app's essential operation for the first rollout. Other people may be added later through updates.

  • Architecture & Backend for Apps

Complicated backend and app architecture construction may be expensive for in-app projects containing large amounts of data and crucial data security measures. Although building a bespoke backend might be costly, it can provide additional operational and security capabilities. You may always choose less expensive backend as a service, or BaaS, options that supply ready-made architecture if security issues are not too serious.

  • External APIs

Nowadays, third-party APIs are used by the majority of applications for different value-added services. Most of these features, including social login options, payment gateways, chatbot options, and AI algorithms, may be implemented via third-party APIs. The cost of development is increased by several of these third-party APIs.

  • Animation, UI Design, and Graphics

The expense of the UI design, graphics, animation, and interactive components is also significant. With more intricate movements, interactive features, UI components, and images you utilize, the project will cost more to design. Depending on its complexity, UI design might take the design and development team 100 hours to 500 hours to complete.

  • Hiring Developer Resources and Their Cost

Any app project's hire of remote developer resources always occupies the top spot regarding development costs and financial concerns. Because Indian developers charge lower hourly rates than their western counterparts, India continues to lead other outsourcing locations in terms of lowering the cost of developing apps. The starting wage of developers is at least ten times more in Western Europe and all of North America than in India.

Any app project's hire of remote developer resources always occupies the top spot in terms of development costs and financial concerns. Because Indian developers charge lower hourly rates than their Western counterparts, India continues to lead other outsourcing locations in terms of lowering the cost of developing apps. The starting wage of developers is at least ten times more in Western Europe and all of North America than in India.

Additionally, Indian developers are more adept at using tools and technologies that are competitive in terms of price since they serve a market that startups and small companies dominate. The best full-stack developers with expertise in creating an app from scratch may be found in India.

  • Maintenance Costs

We mainly focused on the various aspects associated with the core development cost. But we also need to focus on app maintenance costs. You may choose flexibly billed multi-cloud hosting services from Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud. Many hosting firms charge for the services and bandwidth the app uses.

The price of following app upgrades is a different cost factor. Features, UI/UX upgrades, and other value enhancements may be included in the incremental maintenance and update costs in addition to the standard security patches. The cost of licensing to use specific technology is another expense.

How Can You Completely Control The Project Budget?

It would help if you thought about some ideas and methods to keep the development cost under control now that you have a thorough understanding of the numerous variable elements for app development cost and budget concerns. Here, we provide some of the best and most tried-and-true advice for a comprehensive guide on app development prices in India.

Make a thorough and careful paper outlining all the project requirements first. You can estimate more precisely if you do this.

Create two alternative project specifications and evaluate their benefits, drawbacks, and costs. It may function similarly to A/B testing your needs and budget.

Develop an MVP development plan with prioritized features and UI/UX components for the first rollout after settling on the project's fundamental needs. The remainder is set aside for small changes depending on user input.

Last but not least, don't sacrifice essential app characteristics for the sake of cost. You can only compare prices after selecting the optimal development alternatives.


India has cheaper app development costs than other countries throughout the world. Despite this, there is a fierce search for better solutions to reduce development expenses further. These cost-cutting strategies are more crucial than ever since the app industry is expanding to small enterprises and startups.

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