How Outdoor Digital Signage Can Increase Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty

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Outdoor digital signage displays are a common sight in town centres, transport hubs and car parks. Digital screens capture the attention of customers walking by, who are then encouraged to engage with businesses.

Digital outdoor signs can be remotely controlled, using a CMS software that updates, schedules and monitors the content. They can also be interactive, allowing customers to explore a restaurant's menu or shop specials on their own terms.

The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital signage is sleek, modern and will instantly make your business appear more polished and professional. But it’s not just about appearance; when used effectively, digital signs are a powerful engagement tool that will increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. They also help with wayfinding, employee training and public service announcements. In fact, according to the experts at Quiel Signs, “Digital Signage is the most effective way to communicate with your customers.”

Unlike indoor signs that usually aim to attract a passerby’s attention and provoke a response, outdoor signage is generally used to share information about your brand, products, services or a new need they may not have been aware of before. It can also include a call to action such as a website link, contact number or QR code for immediate online purchases.

Outdoor signage can be a useful tool for any business that has a drive-thru window, as it allows you to update wait times and alert impatient customers that they are next in line. In addition, fast food restaurants and pharmacies can use it to reduce confusion among customers waiting to pick up their prescriptions or services.

Because of the large audiences it reaches, outdoor signage often pays for itself in advertising revenue alone. For example, a billboard on an interstate can generate huge advertising revenues and defray the cost of the sign within a short investment window. Even a small alternating message on a local outdoor digital sign can bring in enough revenue to cover the monthly cost of the display within a year or less.

Outdoor signage displays have excellent controllability, allowing you to change the complexion of an ad at the drop of a hat. In addition, the hardware is designed to be easy to maintain and can be remotely updated using software. If your displays are deployed some distance from the actual location of your business, you will also need a control system and networking equipment. These issues are easily handled and the hardware is relatively affordable, so there is no reason not to take advantage of this effective marketing tool.

Where Each Is Used More

Digital outdoor signage is a highly flexible platform for businesses to communicate their brand, products and services. It can be used for wayfinding, promotional messaging, event information and public safety and emergency messaging. The technology is becoming more affordable and has made it possible for businesses of all sizes to use it.

Retail stores, malls and casinos deploy outdoor touch screens and monitors for guest service and product promotion. Hotels, resorts and automotive dealerships also rely on their large outdoor displays to inform guests. Similarly, schools and transit systems use their outdoor monitors to display schedules, maps and other important information. Outdoor digital signage also has applications in museums and other public spaces.

The type of display you choose depends on your needs and budget. You can opt for LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light emitting diode). Both types offer benefits and disadvantages. LCD signs are the most popular option because they are more affordable than their LED counterparts. However, their pixel pitch limits how crisp and clear the picture is. This may be an issue if you’re using the sign for outdoor wayfinding or other high-resolution purposes.

LED signs have a higher brightness than LCD and are more durable against damage. They also have a lower power consumption and can be used in bright, outdoor environments. However, the LED modules are not as flexible as LCD panels and you’ll have to be careful when mounting them on a building or structure.

A content management system allows you to change the content of your displays remotely. It’s important to look for one that’s user friendly and has useful analytics features. For example, Alpine Media CMS allows you to dynamically change your marketing messages or other guest engagement content across all of your displays or a subset. It also supports IPS panels which are better able to sustain color accuracy and brightness in outdoor environments than TN displays. This is a vital consideration for theme parks and other outdoor venues where you want to ensure that your message is delivered accurately and on time.

How to Buy High Quality Outdoor Digital Signage in Particular

Digital signage is a broad term that encompasses any sign with a screen to display content. It can also include anything that is controlled remotely by a computer or other device. This includes the hardware that connects to the screens and software for creating and managing the content. It is important to choose quality products for each component in an outdoor digital sign system.

When choosing a screen, a high resolution is essential to get the best image quality. LED displays (light-emitting diodes) are common in modern digital signs because they are energy efficient and have a high brightness. They can be used in larger signs than other types of screens and still have a clear, sharp image. A sign’s pixel pitch determines how close together the pixels are, and higher pixel pitches can result in more overall pixels and a better resolution image.

A high-quality digital sign must be able to display movement as well as static images. Motion can catch people’s attention more effectively than a single still image and can help drive engagement with the message. The movement can be as simple as the scrolling of text or it could be a full-length video. It is important to consider how long the message will be displayed and if the sign will need to be able to hold people’s attention for the entire length of the video.

Another consideration is the ability for a sign to use a light ambient sensor to adjust its brightness. The sensors can be used to control the brightness of the sign based on its surrounding environment, which saves power and helps to ensure that the sign is always readable.

Outdoor digital signs can be very effective for small businesses. By attracting customers’ attention, they can increase potential customer interaction and sales. It is important to choose a quality digital sign system for outdoor use, as it must be able to withstand the elements and stand out from competitors’ signage. It is best to work with experts when selecting and installing a new sign for maximum success.

Buying a Sign

Outdoor digital signs are one of the more common A/V solutions that integrators handle. This is because these displays are highly effective at attracting foot traffic to restaurants, stores, banks, airports, stadiums and arenas, museums, hospitals and many other types of locations. More foot traffic leads to more business and better business means more revenue.

Because of this, it is important to purchase a high quality sign that will perform well in the long run. One of the biggest factors to consider is the longevity of the display hardware itself. Most digital signage is based on LCD technology that uses the same basic electronics that are found in your TV at home. However, LED technology is also available and it can have very good performance as well. LED screens are much thinner and need less cooling than an LCD screen so they can be used in very harsh environments that can have extreme temperature fluctuations.

Another factor to consider is how easy it will be to manage and update the content on the sign remotely. Digital signage is often centralized and managed from a single location which makes it extremely easy to make changes to an advertisement or provide important emergency messaging. It is important to have this capability for many reasons, especially during a pandemic or other emergencies when information must be updated quickly across multiple locations.

In addition to being easily managed remotely, digital signage is very flexible. It is simple to change the complexion of a sign at a moment’s notice, making it ideal for seasonal promotions or even changing out an ad to reflect weather conditions. It is also possible to include social media feeds on digital signs which can be a great way to boost a business’ social reach.

Adding outdoor digital signage to your business is an investment that will pay off in the long run. By leveraging powerful software and the latest in digital display technology, you can create an engaging experience that will help to attract new customers and grow your business. By carefully assessing the performance of your current sign and choosing to upgrade when necessary, you will be able to enjoy a long life of use with your digital signage.

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