How Social Commerce Can Help Brands To Boost Festive Sales

How Social Commerce Can Help Brands To Boost Festive Sales
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13 October 2020

According to the MarketingWeek survey, it is found that about 31% of social media users get influenced to buy products from social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

These social media platforms have become the new marketplace for brands to sell their products to potential customers. 

As there is a wide range of demographics, it becomes easy for brands to include specific and targeted marketing strategies to educate and sell their products.

It is also noticed that when customers are going through so many sales funnel journeys, there are higher chances that they abandon the cart and do not make any purchases. 

With social media, people get an opportunity to learn about the product and make a direct purchase from a social media platform. 

But what is Social Commerce and how is it going to help brands to boost their festive sales. 

What Is Social Commerce

Social Commerce is the newly introduced marketing strategy in which the brand sells its product directly from social media platforms.

Do not get confused between social media marketing and social commerce. Both are different as SMM redirects the customers to buy products from a website or online store, whereas social commerce allows users to check out from the social network they are using.

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With the use of Chatbots, the checkout process gets auto-filled and payments are safe and secure that take only a few clicks to make a purchase.

People are finding social commerce as an easier way to buy the products they are looking for rather than visiting websites, searching for the product, and filling the checkout form.

With social commerce you can put the Amazon buy button on many websites simultaneously on several social media platforms. 

Benefits Of Using Social Commerce For Brands In Festive Sales

As we have discussed earlier, lesser the time it takes to buy higher the chances of sales. Most of the people abandon carts due to lengthy purchasing processes. 

With social commerce, the possibilities of confusion and chances of cart abandonment have been reduced as buyers can directly buy products from the same page rather than going to an online store or website. 

According to an eMarketer report, about 33% retailers have adopted social commerce in their marketing strategy 2018 which is 17% in 2017. 

It is also noticed that for the Festive sale days like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, or any other occasion, people tend to buy more products than usual. 

Time Saving

There are higher chances that people may buy the product spontaneously on such occasions from social media platforms. 

You can grab this opportunity and promote your product on the social media platforms especially Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as they are the platform where most of the users buy products. 

Another study shows that millennials are a group of people on social media who tend to click on the buy button more than any other demographics.

This is because they have the good technical knowledge and want to save their time rather than visiting websites and filling out checkout forms.

Increase Knowledge Of The Product

Most of the people visit social media nowadays to get the user reviews and recommendations if they find it satisfactory no one can stop them from buying the product.

By showing your product can increase the knowledge about the product and they are ready to buy the product in the next pitch.

But it is noticed that searching and clicking for the product on online stores so many times leads to cart abandonment even after adding the product to cart. 

It is a better idea to provide a buy button option to the customers instead of letting them go and buy from the website. 

Especially when there is a Festive Sale you can provide buy button options to make the purchasing process super easy for customers. 

Increase The Number Of Sales

Social Commerce does not come with the benefit of increasing sales on social media but more people now love to buy from ecommerce websites as they have read positive and satisfactory reviews about the product. 

With this we can say that social commerce also increases the chance of sales on the website as people get to know about the product from social media and they like to explore more from the website. 

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Thus Social Commerce not only comes with the benefit of increasing possibilities to buy from social media but they also increase sales on ecommerce and online stores too. 


Social Commerce is a growing platform, day-by-day the number of people purchasing from social media platforms is increasing. This platform is strengthening and can be a best place for your nest selling campaign. 

Use this platform strategically and add as many products as you can that solve the problems of people. 

Remember those products have higher chances of purchase who resolve all customers problems, from product quality to final checkout step. Keep it easy and less time consuming and you are ready for the next festive sale.  

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