How To A Delete BeReal Post?

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How To A Delete BeReal Post?

Ah, BeReal. The social media platform that is sarcastic and revealing is prone to catching users in unique forms. In the most common form that you normally keep from your social media presence.

With a random-timed notification each morning (in which you're asked to post a selfie and picture of what you're doing) with added pressure to complete your BeReal immediately, you might find yourself experiencing some guilt over your BeReals. There's so much regret in the sense that you might be interested in how to delete a BeReal post.

You've probably heard that the app will show your followers how many times you have to retake a selfie. If you're not looking great in the first or two, you might feel pressure to just post what you've taken out of fear of Being Fake.

If you've shared your BeReal quickly or you realize that you took a picture of your BeReal while at home after sending "On to me! !" to your friend, there are plenty of scenarios in which you might realize you want to delete your BeReal post entirely.

However, as BeReal appears to have several consequences for any attempt to curate your BeReal presence, you could be fearful of what would be the outcome if you accidentally deleted your most recent photo. Are you going to be banned from BeReal forever? Are your followers notified that you're a prankster?


First of all, take your breath. There's good news regardless of what you've published on BeReal you are able to take it down. Learn everything you need to know about the process of removing any BeReal post -- and the possible consequences.

How do I delete BeReal posts on iPhone

  1. In the BeReal app, locate the post you wish to remove and click the three dots to the right of the location.
  2. In the pop-up window that includes your location and any comments click Options.
  3. Tap Delete my BeReal.
  4. Complete the short survey about why you want to delete the post, and then select Yes, I'm sure.

How do I delete a BeReal blog post from an Android

  1. In the BeReal app, locate the post you want to delete and tap the three dots to the right of the location and time.
  2. In the pop-up window that will show your location, click the button to delete my BeReal.
  3. Complete the short survey about why you want to delete the post. After that, tap Delete my BeReal.

Do BeReals Delete After A Day?

Absolutely, BeReals get automatically deleted whenever the next notification goes out. Although it is deleted from the feed you will be able to see every BeReal post you have ever made through Memories.

How To Delete A BeReal Post Twice

Normally, the app lets you delete your post once a day after posting it on your feed.

But, there's an option that allows users to delete their BeReal blog post two times. All you have to do is alter your setting's time zone and your current BeReal post will be deleted.

It is worth mentioning that you are only able to change your clock once a day. So you need to keep an eye on the day following to change it back to your actual time zone.

How To Delete A BeReal Post From Your Memories

Following the time that the next BeReal announcement is sent out the latest BeReal post is automatically removed from your feeds for followers. However, all of your posts are available to you via the "Your Memories" folder.

If you'd like to delete the BeReal posts from your Memories start BeReal and then taps on your profile photo. If the BeReal post that you want to delete is from the last 14 days, you can tap the thumbnail. To view, all of your Memories click "View all my Memories" below the photo gallery. Click to open the picture of the BeReal post you wish to delete.

Then, tap three horizontal dots located in the upper right corner of your screen, then press "Delete from Memories" in red text. It will ask you whether you're certain you'd like to erase the BeReal memory. Keep in mind that once you've deleted it the post is not returned. If you're certain you'd like to erase this post then tap Delete.

When your BeReal is cleansed, take this as an opportunity to remember not to be compelled to publish a BeReal when you don't would like to. Remember, BeReal may not the real thing.

Wrapping Up

We've finished our tutorial on how to erase BeReal's post. The process is simple and we're sure you've completed the steps correctly and deleted the image that you desired. Have fun on BeReal!

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